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These are the TOP SELLERS of the year.

The island girls have spoken and these are definitely at the top of the list for 2024. This includes the styles that the boutiques have snapped up early and the ones that the island girls bought up during our 2 months of new style launches. Either way the results speak for themselves. We also bought back 2 colors of the 2023 top selling dresses, because we have so many new island girls in the family now, and we just didn't want you to miss out on these classic favorites.

Whether your summer means a vacation, a cruise through the islands, or a week on the beach in Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean or the Bahamas... wherever your summer dreams are taking you, we have the vacation island attire that are designed specifically to make sure you have the vacation that dreams are made of.

If you are planning a cruise for some winter sun or thinking about sailing the summer away, we have a comfortable collection of cruisewear and casual attire ready for you to pick and pack with ease. Our versatile collection will cater for all occasions, whether it's dinner with the captain or just enjoying a leisurely stroll on deck. Discover this seasons most stylish clothes in bright vacation colors that are designed to actually keep you cool in the tropical heat. In these holiday ready garments, you're guaranteed to be the most stylish passenger aboard.

Our beachwear outfits are predominantly made of pure cotton, which is the perfect fabric for the tropical heat. Cotton is a natural fabric that is grown on a bush, so you can't get any more natural than that. When you consciously make the switch to wear natural fabrics, you will notice that you are not as hot and sweaty, and you stop getting heat rashes, because the heat can escape from your skin, and your sweat can evaporate. You will be amazed!

You shouldn't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in the heat, learn from my mistakes over 10 years living in the Caribbean. My beachwear outfits are a looser fit and have deeper armholes .... specifically designed to keep you cooler in the heat.

Stay tuned to our What's NEW section in the coming weeks as our new collection arrives in the TN warehouse, gets distributed to our boutiques and goes LIVE here on our website.

Enjoy your holiday stress-free in clothes you will love:

When it comes to light, breezy, and comfortable women’s island casual attire, nothing beats the West Indies Wear.

Our wide variety of island print island casual attire just waiting for you! With a simple cotton weave, they provide the cool comfort you need to survive the heat.

Be fashionable and comfortable on your next vacation or lazy beach day. Don’t allow yourself to get held back by uncomfortable, heavy, and sticky attire; you deserve the perfect island casual attire that can be dressed up or down.

Why Cotton?

Cotton is a simple and inexpensive textile with many benefits when it comes to island and casual attire. Here are just a few benefits:

Moisture-wicking: Cotton quickly absorbs moisture on the skin and is then dried by the air, leaving your skin cool and fresh.
Won’t cling: Feel free to twirl without your casual attire sticking to your skin. Allow your skin to breathe.
Hypoallergenic: A natural fibre with a low chance of an allergic reaction or irritation. You don’t have to worry about nasties touching your skin.
Durable: Can withstand the wear and tear of life and is stronger when wet.
Won’t pill: With pure cotton fabrics, you won’t find this problem! Be able to sit, wash, and play in your West Indies clothes for years to come!
We understand the desire to have comfortable, light, and breezy clothes fit for those warmer weather climates and beaches. You want casual attire that doesn’t stick to you; that allows for a soft breeze to cool down your sun-warmed skin.

You don't want to get caught out feeling sweaty and uncomfortable in the heat because your island attire is the wrong fabric. After living, working & sailing in the Caribbean heat for 10 years, I understand how that feels. You deserve to look and feel good. Now it's time for some FUN. Don't let your wardrobe hold you back!