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Turtle Love Printed Cotton Sarong Pareo

Did you know that sea turtles return to the beach of their birth to lay their eggs, even if that means a swim of thousands of miles. 

They are majestic creatures underwater, but they are slow and arduous on the beach.  Mamma turtle takes hours to dig the hole, lay around 100 eggs, and then bury them before slowing dragging herself back to the sea, leaving her eggs to incubate for 60 days and her babies to survive alone.

Amazing creatures, and surely worthy of a cute cotton sarong in their honor.

FABRIC : Made from 100% breathable cotton fabric featuring an all-over turtle love print

DETAILS : Simple to tie as a beach coverup or use as a beach towel

SIZE : One Size only - approximately 180 x 110cm.


MADE : Hand printed in India with love x


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