Foxy's Bar - Jost van Dyke

Foxy's Bar - Jost van Dyke

Foxy's Beach Bar is famous in the Caribbean... well almost as famous as the man himself. Foxy Callwood, the owner started out as a fisherman, opened a bar in the 1960's as a place to serve drinks to those who just left the church where they had given thanks for the years harvest. Eventually the bar moved up the beach, and became a national icon.  Located on the tiny island of Jost Van Dyke - only a 3.5 square mile DOT in the British Virgin Islands.  There are only 300 inhabitants on the island, but Foxy himself is a character that has been entertaining people with his music and BVI stories for generations.  He has even been knighted by Her Majesty's Government for his contributions to improving the life of the people of BVI.

Behind every great man is an incredible WOMAN, and so I met Foxy's wife, TESSA.  It was always exciting to find a fellow Australian in the Caribbean.  I first met Tessa @SurfExpo in 2008.  She was there with her daughter, shopping for The Foxhole (the adorable boutique attached to Foxy's Bar) and they sat down together and went through the line.  We were only in our 2nd year of West Indies Wear and things were just starting to get traction, so it was exciting for me to have Tessa in the booth.  They oohed & ahhhed at all the turquoise, aqua and blues, but didn't place an order at the show.  However she contacted me a few weeks later and we have been shipping to Jost Van Dyke ever since.  

My favourite part about the experience of Caribbean shopping, is the cute little "open to the beach" style boutiques.  Our sarongs and tunics are hung from the railings & rafters, and float in the warm tropical island breezes, surrounded by hats, beach bags, towels, and name dropped keychains & beer coozies.  The Foxhole is an adorable example of this, and if you are planning a Caribbean vacation this winter, Foxy's is a definite destination in its own right.  If you happen to be down island for Old Years Eve, Foxy's Bar is a MUST - it was listed in the Top 3 places to bring in the New Year, by Time Magazine !  

Bucket list for sure ! 

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{ purchased a visor (barn red) when I visited your bar a few years ago and would like to
purchase a few more if possible. Do you have a web site to review your visors. Thank you. Can I purchase said items on the internet,

Dr Duff Andrews

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