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The Struggle Is Real

  • You’re not sure what to wear on your island vacation

  • Taking the wrong clothes will make you feel hot and uncomfortable

  • There’s no way you want to miss out on all the fun again

  • You don’t want to let confidence in your appearance stop you from loving your vacation

After living, working & sailing in the Caribbean heat for 10 years, I understand what it’s like to struggle in the heat and humidity.

You shouldn’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in the heat because your cover-ups are synthetic, or be too embarrassed to go for a swim because you don’t have the right cover-ups.

You deserve to look and feel good on your vacation of a lifetime. You have worked hard for your dream island adventure and your wardrobe shouldn’t stop you from having fun.

Go On Vacation Stress Free with clothes you will love

  • Your clothes will be breathable and dry quickly (not like polyester)
  • You won’t end up in a pool of sweat. (Been there done that and had to race back to the room to change... Yuck!)
  • You will have versatile outfits to wear to the beach or even dress them up and wear them out to dinner (Your friends will be so jealous hehe)
  • Look incredible. (Designed by top fashion designer)
  • Feel confident that you made the right choice (Our cover-ups are high quality)

After living in the Caribbean for over 10 years and 4 of those years on a boat with no air conditioning. I know what it’s like to need clothes that are made specifically for hot, humid days.

I’ve made the mistake of wearing polyester in the tropics and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It’s why I started West Indies Wear, to help women just like me not make the mistakes I made.

There’s nothing like wearing the right clothes for the right climate.

Kim isn’t just a lover of the Tropics...

  • Head designer for 15 years for West Indies Wear

  • 25 years in Fashion industry

  • Finalist in Australian Fashion Industry Awards

  • Head designer of Billabong South Africa

  • Studied Fashion Design

  • Worked all over the world

  • Helped thousands of women feel good about what they wear

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