History of West Indies Wear | Island-Inspired Clothing

Island-Inspired Clothing

Why is it so difficult to find Beach Clothes?  Often Caribbean vacations are taken in the height of winter, when there are very few summer clothes available in the stores, so most women unwittingly pack synthetic fabrics without realising how much hotter these fabrics are to wear.  

I started designing vacation clothes for the Caribbean when I was living on my boat in the islands.... I knew exactly how hot is was there, and exactly what we all needed to wear to keep cool.
The journey of our little clothing collection has been in more ways than one, as our family grew onboard our sailing yacht SAHARA, our creativity evolved from hand made jewelry to the cool cotton island wear of today. Our sales family grew & our retail partners expanded from a few island boutiques scattered around the Caribbean Island chain, to reach all the way up to Rhode Island, and all the way west to Hawaii & the Cook Islands in the Pacific.  Both our family & our collections have been nurtured with love, hard work, and lots of ISLAND SMILES...      
Thanks a lot to our hardworking team.... ONE LOVE xx 
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