Do you struggle in the heat? Whether you are sweltering in the middle of summer or planning a trip to the tropics in the middle of winter, now you can always be assured that you can find Designer cotton beachwear at all times of the year.

It doesn't matter what the weather is doing outside your windows - all island girls are always thinking of the sunshine and planning something fun in the sun for Spring, or looking to book an island holiday or cruise for mid-winter? Whatever your reason, or whatever the season, its time to freshen up your life with a blast of island girl colour!

We design island clothing specifically to help our island friends beat the heat. Having lived in the Caribbean for 10 years I know that even in the islands in winter you may need a light cardi to wear - they also come in handy in the airport or on your flight back home, when the airconditioning is way too cold. Holiday clothes for women of all ages, designed in fabrics perfect for the heat of the islands. Tops made of lightweight fabrics that are especially fabricated to keep you cool, let your skin breathe and save you from overheating.

Learn from the mistakes of our designer Kim, who spent 10 years living, working and sailing in the Caribbean. The early years were a mix of polyester boardshorts, heavy tshirts and synthetic rayon dresses, which made the heat unbearable.... and so our beachy clothes made in pure cotton fabrics we created to help you beat the heat in your next island adventure. You will find we have lots of separates that you can mix and match together to create the perfect beachwear outfits.

Happy shopping island girls.