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Need help figuring out what size you need?

Determine your chest and hip measurements by measuring around your body (at chest & hips)
You must measure at your widest parts (no cheating).... island smiles
Then find your closest tunic or dress size in the chart below.
Remember tunics are a woven fabric (no stretch) and they are designed to be loose and comfortable, especially when worn in the tropical heat.
Our TUNICS are approximately 4 inches or 10cm larger than these body measurements below.  The tee's & dresses are made of a knit fabric (which has stretch) and are a more fitted style, so the fit is closer to body measurements.... I suggest you order a size up if you like to wear them looser fitting.
 Here is a quick video from the Designer Kim, explaining how our sizes work.
If you have trouble reading the size chart below, click here to download the PDF file which is easier to read.