Have an IRIE LIFE in 2016

Have an IRIE LIFE in 2016

Ok I must have lived a sheltered life, but I seriously had never heard the word IRIE before I landed in the Caribbean, after a long long sail across the Atlantic Ocean (from Cape Town, South Africa - it was 55 days at sea, but who was counting?).  All of sudden everything and everyone was IRIE.

According to WIKIPEDIA Irie (I-rie or I ' -ree) is the word in Jamaican Patois that means, "alright". The term can be used to mean 1: powerful and pleasing; 2: excellent, highest; n 3: the state of feeling great.

What a great thing to strive for in 2016!

One of our favorite stores in the Caribbean is IRIE LIFE in Anguilla.  Well I have a "thing" for color, and another "thing" for cute old Caribbean cottages, so this boutique is quite my "thing".

You can walk a few steps up from the beach (Anguilla is consistently voted amongst the TOP beaches in the Caribbean) dust some of the sand off your feet, and step into colorful air-conditioned heaven.

IRIE LIFE carries great quality t-shirts, gifts, swimwear, clothing..... ooh and our full line of colorful pure cotton sarongs & beach coverups.

They live up to their IRIE name by supporting Caribbean made products - I just love these @simbihaiti bracelets which are handmade in Haiti and help to bring clean water & jobs to the people of Haiti.  

When you are done soaking up the IRIE attitude, bright colors and air-conditioning... simply wander back down to your beach chair @anguillabeaches and go for another dip in the most amazingly clear, turquoise water you have ever seen.

Now if that doesn't inspire you to book a holiday in Anguilla this winter - nothing will !

Sorry.... now that's ANOTHER thing on your bucket list !


HAPPY NEW YEAR island friends - wishing you all #onelove for 2016 xx


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