Tobago memories found at WWIN Show, Las Vegas....

Tobago memories found at WWIN Show, Las Vegas....

The cricket was on the radio in the customs office of Tobago when we arrived to clear in at our first Caribbean island.  It was an ice breaker between us exhausted ocean-crossing sailors and the Tobagoan customs officers, as the West Indies cricket team were playing the Australian cricket team... luckily they were winning, so they were happy.  After a total of 55 days at sea, with only 3 stops, we couldn't be happier either.


Scarborough is the capital of Tobago, and it is a crazy busy, chaotic town, FULL of loud reggae music and bright colors.  An enormous contrast to our quiet life of survival at sea.  We stayed long enough to fill up the boat with fresh water and fresh supplies, and then off we went in search of PARADISE.

We didn't have to go far, because Tobago is truly one of the most beautiful islands I have ever been to.  

We spent about 6 months anchored in various amazing places.  This photo below shows us tied up to a palm tree on the edge of the most incredible rainforest in Charlottesville.  It was here that I celebrated my 30th birthday.  I will never forget sitting on the deck with a drink in hand looking up at that forest.  

So a few years later when I started West Indies Wear, it was wonderful for me to meet the buyer for the gift shop of the then Hilton Resort in Tobago and she carried our sarongs.  After a bad hurricane the Hilton was closed down and remained closed for 5 years.

How exciting last week at WWIN Show, Las Vegas to have the same buyer come into the booth and want to buy our sarongs again.  The resort has re-opened now as the Magdalena Grand Beach Resort and she is back in the Gift Shop.

I love how small our little island world is sometimes. #onelove #islandsmiles 

To watch a 2 minute video about my week in Las Vegas for WWIN Show,  click here.



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