A baby boy.... and his sarong collection

A baby boy.... and his sarong collection

My 3rd baby was a surprise, my oops baby at 41 was a brother for 2 older sisters.  A gift of immense proportions....once I got over the shock!  Here I am pregnant with him, trying to do a photo shoot, until I realised YES I look pregnant.... I better send the samples to my sister Amy for the photo shoot.

He was born in the heat of summer, and he was swaddled from day one in.... pure cotton sarongs of course.  Here is a photo of him wrapped in one of our white Starfish Sarongs.

These days my toddler has an extensive collection of creased, jumbled up old pure cotton, super soft (thats why he loves them) sarongs.  They have been dragged around the garden, jumped on the trampoline, taken on road trips, taken to pre-school, he has tied them around the dog and I have washed them about a million times.  Some of them have torn, frayed and shredded, but I am forbidden to throw them away.  When he sleeps he wants about 4 to 6 of them, and he piles them up on his pillow and lies his head on them.  He doesn't care what color they are..... as long as they are cotton and soft.  

What started off as 4 blue ones, has turned into about 10 of any color, as he has raided my personal supply of sarongs (including the pinks) and claimed them for his own.  He has also stolen some from Granny's house, all gifts from West Indies Wear over the years.  I will need help restraining him when he realises I have a warehouse full of them !  This is some of the sarongs I have warehoused here in Australia.


This is what Lauren has in our main warehouse in Florida USA.

Every now and then I get a comment on social media about how cotton sarongs are no good because they crease and need ironing.  Some cotton fabrics do need ironing, but the sarongs voille fabric certainly does not.  Wash, lay out flat or hang on the line to dry in the sun, and re-use in about 30 minutes.  They are absorbent so you can use them as a towel, they dry quickly and they are SO much cooler to wear than synthetic sarongs.

The cotton fibre is so strong it withstands far worse beatings than viscose does.  Now telling you about my son's shredded "blankies" (as he calls them) and how they are torn might not be a good example of marketing the strength of pure cotton, but you need to know my son is now 4 1/2 years old, and these poor things have seriously been through the ringer !  So you see, the sarongs are far more useful than just for hanging out by the pool .....

And that is my gorgeous sister Amy.... Aloha Aunty Amy x


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I love the stories you tell around your copy! And what a handsome young man you’ve got there!


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