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Beach Belle Blog

So this morning I woke up to something a little bit exciting.  I noticed we had been tagged in an instagram post of a beautiful girl wearing our SeaStar Kimono, with jeans and a simple white tank top.  For a jeans girl like myself, this is the perfect outfit!  Click here to see the instagram post.

Now being the nosey internet snoop that I am, I just had to investigate further, and what I found was a GORGEOUS new beach blog to follow.  This lady has a beautiful beach style, and obviously has good taste!  Here is what she writes about us.

Happy August!

I saw this wrap scarf while we were in Amelia Island and was immediately drawn to it! It felt like the perfect piece to wear while on vacation, with the sea-inspired embroidery. I threw it on over a pair of jeans and a simple white tank earlier this week to run errands. Its been so hot in Charleston and really too hot to wear jeans everyday, but I couldn’t resist. I am so ready for Fall and jeans/boots weather… anyone else?! We just booked a trip to the mountains in late September and I am so excited – we don’t typically see Fall-like weather in Charleston until October, so I can’t wait to get a taste of Fall a bit earlier than usual! If anyone has any recommendations for things to do and see in Highlands, NC, I’d love to hear!

I totally understand how she feels, as the summer heat intensifies and you know it will soon come to an end, I also start to look forward to the days I can wear my jeans again.  Here in Australia right now, it is still daily jeans weather for me.  I am just grateful that I don't live in a SNOW ZONE and our winter days are so glorious, I do still get to wear my island wardrobe almost year round.

For those of you still in the heat of summer, be sure to shop this Kimono before they are gone forever (only a few left !!) and be sure to check out Beach Belle Blog's gorgeous beach style!  Here is the link.

One love x

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I love your clothing. It makes me feel like I am living at the beach. Maybe someday.


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