The Ultimate Guide to Summer BBQ Outfits that Sizzle

The Ultimate Guide to Summer BBQ Outfits that Sizzle

As island girls at heart, I think we can all agree that summer is the best time of year ☀️🕶 Why? Because, it's the perfect season to showcase your island style and cool cotton clothing collection, of course! Whether you're hitting the beach or hosting a BBQ, I want to keep you looking island chic. In this summer BBQ style guide, I'll take you through the best fabrics, creative outfit ideas, my fave prints, summer accessories, and footwear that will make you look sizzling this summer!
Best Fabrics for Beachwear - Why Cotton is King 
When it comes to summer outfits, comfort is key. You want fabrics that are breathable, lightweight, and easy to wear. Can you guess what I'm going to say? HA! Yep, if I've said it once, I’ll say it again a million times… Cotton is the king of all fabrics for summer! It's a natural fiber that is soft, comfortable, and absorbs moisture (sweat). It's perfect for hot and humid weather and easy to wash and maintain. Cotton comes in different textures and weights, such as jersey, poplin, and twill but my fave is the medium weight stretchy cotton that I use for many West Indies Wear dresses. It is thick enough to not be see-through but still so cool to wear. A little bit of stretch to the fabric, means it drapes beautifully on all different body shapes and sizes and the best part? The fabric does not crease, so put that iron back in the closet where it belongs! 
Palm Tree Cotton Dress
Another great fabric for beachwear is linen. It's a lightweight and breathable fabric that is perfect for hot weather. It's soft, comfortable, and has a relaxed but chic look. Linen is so on trend these days and is great for dressing up or down. A chic linen dress is perfect for all occasions, from a casual BBQ at a friend's beach-house, to an island destination beachside wedding.
Amy Linen Dress
Creative Summer Clothing Ideas
Summer is all about creativity. It's the perfect time to experiment with colors, prints, and textures. One creative idea for summer is to mix and match prints. Mixing prints adds depth and character to your outfit and is a great way to showcase your fun side. Palm Tree Kimono over a Shell top? Aqua Pineapple Tunic with a Pina Colada Beach Bag? Why not! Get creative, island girl!
Another fun idea for summer is to play with colors. Summer is all about bright and bold colors, and that’s what us island girls do best. You can pair an aqua top with a pink skirt, or a Tradewind Tunic with a bright pink beach bag. Playing with colors adds excitement and energy to your outfit, and it's a great way to show your fun island personality. 
Mix n Match
Palm Tree Prints - The Ultimate Summer Pattern
Palm tree prints have been a staple for West Indies Wear since my very first collection. They're fun and tropical, and add a touch of island paradise to your summer outfit. I’ve got Palm Trees for days in my wardrobe - something for every occasion!
Palm Tree Beach
(( Beach Day ))
Palm Tree Dress
(( Summer BBQ ))
Palm Tree Pants
(( Running Errands ))
Palm Tree Bag
(( Early Morning Yoga Class ))
Palm Tree Sequin Top
(( Beachside Wedding ))
Another great way to incorporate palm tree prints is through accessories. You can throw on a palm tree print sarong as a scarf or pack a beach bag with any outfit…
Summer Accessories to Complete Your Beach BBQ Look
Accessories are the final touch to complete your BBQ look. One accessory that is a must-have for summer is sunglasses. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun but also add a touch of style to your outfit. What do you prefer? Classic aviators or trendy cat-eye sunglasses? I have recently made the switch to multi-focal glasses for my vision, and I always choose a chunky frame!
Another summer accessory is a hat. A hat not only protects your face from the sun but I also think they add a touch of sophistication or chic-ness (is that a word?) to your outfit. Do you love floppy hats or straw hats? Or maybe you love a sporty visor? There are so many fun colors and styles of hats that I love, but I usually go with kind of a mid-range floppy straw hat. It’s the perfect accessory for a summer BBQ or day at the beach!
Sun Hat and Glasses
Lastly, jewelry is a great way to add a touch of glam to your beach BBQ look. I’m a big fan of stacking all my fun beads on my wrists but usually only wear one necklace at a time. Do you wear statement jewelry or prefer more minimalist? Jewelry really is a perfect way to showcase your personality and style… Let me know in the comments below what your jewelry personality is!
Island Style Jewelry
Must-Have Footwear for the Beach to BBQ
Footwear is another essential part of your summer outfit. Obviously “thongs" or flip-flops for my American island girlfriends is a must-have! I love a classic pair of Havaiana’s but there are so many great options these days! The rubber Birkenstocks are so lightweight yet comfy, it’s almost like a chic version of a regular ol' flip-flop. Both of these options would be totally acceptable from the beach to BBQ, but perhaps you are looking for something fancier to pair with a cute linen "Amy Dress”? I am loving these sandals by Oka B. They are all vegan, cruelty free and so adorable! 
Oka B Sandals
Last but definitely not least, a great pair of white sneakers are totally on trend these days and look great with any island girl outfit! They are comfy, stylish and totally ooze all the cool-girl vibes! Have you got a pair of white sneakers that you simply couldn’t live without? Tell us in the comments, so we can all snag a pair!
It’s time to Sizzle This Summer with Your Fashion Choices!
You've been waiting months for this, island girl. It's been a long hard winter but finally the warm weather has arrived and it's the perfect time to showcase your island style and vibrancy. Tis the season for summer BBQ's, and you want to look your best while staying cool and comfy. So don’t forget to fill your closet with cotton and linen in all your fave styles! Get creative with mixing and matching prints, get playful with colors, and let your true island girl personality shine bright! If you take all this advice, you are sure to look as sizzling as the hot sun above.
One love,
Kim Van Loo


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I found a great pair of white leather sneakers, Vionic Winny Sneaker. Super comfortable!

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