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Beat The Heat: 17 Ideas To Help You Keep Cool During A Summer Heatwave

Beat The Heat: 17 Ideas To Help You Keep Cool During A Summer Heatwave

May 30, 2023

It’s almost June 1st and summer is officially here! It’s time to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year for any island girl. Well, until it gets too hot and then it’s pretty uncomfortable even for those of us who love the tropics! So, with a heatwave or two on the horizon, I decided to do some research for you to discover the best tips for beating the heat. And you can even put some of these ideas into action straight away to stay cool and comfortable. While drinking enough water seems obvious, there are plenty of other tactics to try. Believe it or not, eating spicy food is one of them! What?! These simple, no-fuss approaches are exactly what you need to read on the first official day of summer.
   Coconut Tank and Ruffle Skirt
1. No Air Conditioner, No Worries - DIY
Try putting a shallow bowl filled with ice in front of a fan to create a cool breeze. As the ice melts, it will feel just On hot days without much humidity, try putting a shallow bowl filled with ice in front of a fan to create a cooling breeze. Sit in front of your new air conditioning unit with an iced cold beverage and voila! Instant relief 😌
   DIY Air Conditioner
2. Trending Ice Bath
Ice baths have been shown to have a range of benefits for your mental and physical health. On social media, ice plunges are becoming super trending with people creating their own “polar plunges” in their backyard out of anything from deep freezers to inflatable kids pools and outdoor planters! So why not beat the heat aaaaand be super on trend by jumping on the polar plunge bandwagon?! Here’s a few do’s and dont’s for how to take ice baths safely…
   Ice Bath
  • Do check with your doctor if you have health conditions, just to be sure that ice baths are safe for you.
  • Do take a few super cold showers to prepare your body
  • Do ease into the cold water and stay within your “comfort level”… Let’s be honest, taking an ice bath is definitely not comfortable!
  • Do stay in for just a few minutes at a time - professionals recommend anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes.
* Don’t stay in the ice water for more than a few minutes. It’s not a competition on who can stay in for the longest, just a quick dip will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!
  • Don’t try to warm up with a drink. Contrary to the “beer blanket” myth of alcohol warming you up, drinking alcohol actually lowers your body temp.
  • Don’t take a warm shower right after, and instead allow your body to warm up gradually.
3. Spritz Yourself
When the temperature rises, one of the simplest things to do to cool down is to give yourself a spritz from a spray bottle that's been stored in the fridge. Or, better yet, check out this 2-in-1 drink and spritz bottle on amazon!! Ahhhhh, so refreshing and a genius invention for summer!!
   Drink and Spritz Bottle Amazon
4. Ice your wrists, neck or head.
One of the best ways to bring your core body temperature down is through either placing an ice pack or a cool, wet rag on areas of your body where the circulation is closest to the surface of the skin, like your wrists and neck.
   Ice Pack on Wrists
5. Be Sun Smart
It's best to avoid going out during the hottest hours of the day, but sometimes that can't be avoided. When out in direct sunlight, wear (and regularly reapply) sunscreen, cover your head with a hat and remember to take regular breaks indoors or in a shady area to avoid getting heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Here in Australia where the summers are notoriously hot, we have a Sun Smart campaign called "Slip, Slop, Slap!". That's Slip on a coverup (a tunic or sarong works!), Slop on some sunscreen, and Slap on a hat! Over the years, they have tacked on a couple of extras: Seek shade, and Slide on some sunglasses ☀️😎
sun smart 
6. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!!
Find yourself the biggest refillable water bottle and sip on it all day long. Constantly hydrating before you feel thirsty is SO important to help keep you cool during a heat wave. Don’t ruin all your summer fun by getting heat exhaustion… Stay cool, calm and hydrated!
7. Eat Hydrating Meals
When it's hot, the last thing you feel like is hot, heavy meal!! Try to stick to light, well-balanced, meals like cold sandwiches, cheese and meat platters, salads etc. Meals with high fluid content like soups can also contribute towards hydration levels. And of course, food with a high water content like strawberries, cucumber, celery, and lettuce, will also help to keep you hydrated and cool.
   Hydrating Foods
8. Keep the curtains and blinds closed during the day.
Consider installing more blinds on glass doors or simply hang a blanket to stop the sun from beating in. This can help give you a good nights sleep, even if you don’t have A/C.
9. Spice up Your Summer with Something Hot
Those living in sweltering areas like Mexico and India clearly understand the cooling effects of hot food… So, what’s the secret? As it turns out, there is plenty of scientific data that confirms that consuming spicier foods will cool you down far more effectively than the cold treats that tempt us all summer long, and it’s due to one simple reason: sweat. Did you know that chili peppers possess a compound known as capsaicin which enables humans to sweat more easily? Have you ever seen someone enjoying a seriously spicy meal with beads of sweat dripping down their forehead?! Yep, me too and as that sweat evaporates, the body cools down.
   Spicy food
10. Keep your oven off.
If you need an excuse to order Ubereats this summer, here it is! Keep your house and body cooler by giving your oven and stove a break during a heat wave. Order your favourite take out, or stick to meals that can be reheated quickly in the microwave or air fryer, or grill up some meats to go with cold salads.
11. Utilize Hanging for Drying Your Garments
Another appliance that could take a break during a heat wave is our much loved clothes dryer. I know, I know, this is very Australian but try hanging your towels and linens on a clothesline and allow them to flutter in the wind. You’ll have beautiful smelling, fresh linens and save money on your power bill. #winning !
    Hanging Sarongs
12. Get yourself a window Fan for sleep hours
Using a window fan at night can help to keep the air in the room circulating and reduce the temperature, making it easier to fall asleep. It can also serve to block out noises from outside, enabling a better night's rest. Yess!
13. Make Wise Choices When Selecting Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans are a great way to circulate air and create a cooling effect in a room, however, it is a waste of electricity to leave them running when you are not there. In hot weather, the ceiling fan blades should be set to rotate counterclockwise. This allows air to be circulated downward, creating a pleasant breeze. Something so simple could make the world of difference to your living spaces… I was honestly today-years-old when I found this out and a
14. Make the Transition to LED Light Bulbs
 Switching to LED light bulbs is an excellent way to reduce electricity costs and benefit the environment. While incandescent light bulbs generate a lot of heat, with 90% of the energy released in the form of heat, LEDs actually convert most of the energy into light. 💡
15. Kick off your shoes!
Going barefoot is a great way to enjoy the summer days and take advantage of the warm weather. Is there any better feeling than grounding your bare feet on the cool sand (or grass) during a hot day?! I don’t think so! By going barefoot, you can experience the sensation of the ground beneath your feet, and being connected to nature… It is truly one of the easiest and best ways of creating a sense of freedom and relaxation that you can't get from keeping your toes trapped in foot jail 🔐
Barefoot on the beach
16. Wear Outfits that are Not Form-Fitting
As experienced island girls, we all know that te best way to dress for a heat wave is to opt for thin, light-colored garments that are loose-fitting. This will allow sweat to evaporate directly from the skin into the air instead of being trapped in tight clothing. Although I love a cute pair of denim shorts and a tank top, during a serious heat wave I highly recommend wearing loose cotton skirt or pants and a flowy top or tunic!
    Ruffle Skirt
17. Opt for Fabrics That Keep You Cool
We all know that the number one fabric for summer is 🥁 cotton!! There’s nothing like a soft cotton top, a flowing cotton tunic or light cotton pants to keep you feeling fresh and cool. It’s naturally breathable and easy to wash. But while we island girls already have a summer closet filled with pure cotton clothing, did you stop to check your linen closet too?? If you are sleeping on polyester, silk, microfiber or satin, I can only imagine you will be a hot and sweaty mess during a heat wave!! While some of these fabrics may seem luxurious, they don’t breathe! Choose some great quality cotton sheets for summer and to keep them smelling fresh and clean, use a gentle detergent and hang dry in the sun and fresh air.
Summer is an island girls favorite season and brings so much joy to us all! But no one wants to spend their summer months as a sweaty mess, baking in a heat wave. I hope my blog this week has given you a few new tricks to try out when the days start to get scorching. After doing your own research, you may have noticed that you haven’t been drinking enough water. Remember, island girls… Sufficient water intake is the number one way to regulate your body temperature and if you’re feeling a little hot, you should drink more (water 😜). And this wouldn’t be a West Indies Wear blog if I didn’t mention how important it is to make smart fabric choices when it comes to our summer outfits and home decor… Keep cool in cotton, island friends!
Ruffle Skirt
Wishing you a happy and healthy start to your summer… 
One love,
    Kim Van Loo

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