Boost Your Vacation Confidence With These Tips

Boost Your Vacation Confidence With These Tips

A beach vacation is a perfect excuse to get up and get outdoors. Whether you’ll be swimming at the beach or hiking a tropical mountain, there are so many opportunities for you to feel revitalized and get active during your trip. If you consider yourself to be a fitness enthusiast or simply meet the normal beauty “standards” (🙄) typically associated with beach-going, then bikini’s and strappy tops are a no brainer - however, unfortunately, most of us don’t meet the over-idealized beauty standards and the idea of a tropical vacation can be intimidating.
I can remember this feeling oh, too well! After having 2 babies in 2 years at 39 and 41 years old as well as building a house and running a company, I never had the time to concentrate on my own self-care, let alone lose any of the “baby weight” that I had gained. I honestly felt heavy, insecure, and absolutely not ready to hit the beach in a swimsuit! I remember traveling to Orlando for Surf Expo back in 2013. I had tiny baby Jordan with me, whom I carried around in a sling most of the time, so my posture was terrible! I felt underdressed and self-conscious even in my own designs. But in a moment of grace, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror of the ladies bathroom; exhausted, hunched over and brow furrowed. “Ugh”, I whispered and immediately rolled my shoulders back, and threw on one of my light Cardi’s to feel more confident again.
Although it can absolutely be scary, it’s important to not let intimidation get the best of you, island girls!! No matter what shape or size you come in, your body is beautiful. To ensure you’re feeling body positive while you vacation, be sure to follow these helpful tips:


The beach is not the time or the place to get glammed. While it might be tempting to do your full makeup before a day in the sun, doing so can actually make you feel worse when it's running down your face after a swim! Choose a top-quality tinted moisturizer with SPF to smooth your complexion and give you a healthy glow without the thick layer of foundation. This will make it easier for you to maintain a fresh look, feel good about your appearance, and truly focus on what you came there to do: relax and rejuvenate!! Here's my fave...


Standing in front of the hotel mirror and dissection every little thing you don’t like about yourself isn’t going to help you enjoy your holiday, nor will it support you on your journey to feeling positive about your body. Remind yourself that you are there to have fun and treat yourself for all of your hard work! Roll your shoulders back, put a smile on your dial and try to forget about your insecurities for a while. 


Throughout your day, be sure to check in on yourself and how you’re feeling. The Caribbean tends to be a place where people go to block out or cope with their feelings with lots of tropical cocktails… Ever heard the term, “Liquid Confidence”? While this can be fun, it’s actually a good idea to keep everything in moderation. Ok, Ok, I’m not trying to be a Party Pooper here! Just remind yourself to pay close attention to how you’re feeling at every given moment. What/who is making you feel this way? And how is it affecting your ability to feel body positive? 
Checking in on yourself by asking those questions throughout your vacay will give you the opportunity to address any issues as they arise and find solutions quickly… Nip those nasty insecurities in the bud, island girls!


Your body language plays a huge role in your self-confidence! More than that… Your body language actually shapes WHO you are at the core. When we feel anxious or self-conscious, we tend to shrink back and hide but when we are feeling confident, we open up and relax more! Having great posture, smiling, and eye contact will not only help you feel better about yourself, but it will also give a positive first impression to the people that you meet on your vacation. Your positive energy will attract others with the same energy, and spread JOY!
Sitting on your beach chair? Keep your shoulders back, your spine straight, and your chin up. Relax your hands and don’t stare down at your device. Listen to an audiobook with AirPods so you can take in the gorgeous beach that you are relaxing at! 
Standing at the beach bar? Keep your shoulders relaxed and balance your weight on both feet. Make eye contact and smile at people. Don’t slouch, cross your arms, fidget or stare at your feet. Avoid doing a “happy feet” dance or standing too close to the people you are talking to. Relax, island girl! You look vibrant!
Walking along the beach? Keep your head up straight and your eyes towards your destination (or the horizon). Don’t slouch or look at your feet. Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the waves lapping against the shore, and feel the sand exfoliating your feet. Take it all in!
Bathroom Break? Take this opportunity to do a quick “Power Pose” or give yourself a high-five in the mirror, as Mel Robbins teaches. Give yourself some love, island girl! It will give you an immediate boost in confidence throughout the day! 


Here’s a few that I love:
I am perfect just the way I am 
I love my body
My body is a gift
I release self-criticism and choose self love
I am calm and at peace


I started creating lightweight cards around the time I was feeling self-conscious after having my babies. I loved wearing my strappy West Indies Wear designs but felt underdressed and exposed. I was strong from lugging 2 small kiddos around but still felt flabby, and I couldn’t shake those niggling self-doubt thoughts! I needed a coverup that was light and comfy enough to wear in the tropics but also cover my upper arms… And so, the burnout cardi was born. THIS WEEK I’m so excited to be launching our brand new 2023 Starfish Burnout Cardi in Pop Pink and White, just in time for your upcoming island getaway! Want to stay in-the-know about my new collection? Stay tuned to Our Island Family facebook group, sweet friends… It’s coming soon!
This stuff has worked for me many MANY times, and I hope it works for you too, my friend! I hope that it helps you to release the self-criticism and anxiety enough to book that beach vacation you so deserve. And if you’re not quite ready, that’s ok too! Incorporate these tools into your everyday life and hopefully, it will help in the steps to make it happen soon! I SO hope it does. And until then, we can just keep dressing like we are on vacation in our living rooms 😉
One Love Island Girls,
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So just wanted to say a huge thank you to KIM
After many tummy surgeries and feeling completely flabbergasted with my body I was not looking forward to a three week surprise Florida vacation…
But one late night I discovered west Indies wear and KIM!
It was like a gift from the GODS! I ordered a few items which arrived very quickly and the quality is magnificent … on my vacation I felt cool relaxed and once more pretty! Hugs and love sent to all at West Indies wear and huge thanks…

Cheri Lomas

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