A Special Case!

A Special Case!

Five special students...

Have you ever been so close to a goal you can almost taste it? Have you ever spent years striving for something, only to have it slip through your fingers at the very end?

The following five students are all ready for their second to last or final year of school. Only 2 percent of Haitians ever have the opportunity to reach graduation, but these five students are just so close!

Benderly, Manoach, Wilda I, Edeline J, & Sonise all are all ready for their second to last or final year of school. Only 2 percent of Haitians ever have the opportunity to reach graduation, but these five students are just so close!

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Almost There!
They are all older students, some well into their 20’s, and they all have fought so hard to make it this far! Many of them missed multiple years of school due to their extreme poverty, but they have never given up. They have faced hunger and loss and turmoil that would be almost impossible to comprehend. Yet this has been their dream since they were little children and it is so close to coming to pass!


All five students were especially recommended to us by their directors and teachers, not only for their intense need, but also because of their profound determination and strength. 

Without a scholarship, they will not be able to return to school. 

If you feel so led, would you consider, this morning, providing a scholarship for Benderly, Manoach, Wilda, Edeline, or Sonise or contributing, in part, to their scholarship? 

Our goal is to raise $250 for each one. This will include their regular $175 scholarship and all that it entails, along with an extra amount that will allow us to purchase some of the more expensive supplies and fees that the final two grades require, such as calculators, special dictionaries, national exam fees, and more. We have seen too many students unable to reach graduation because of a deficit of just a few dollars. We want to come alongside these five amazing young adults and help them reach victory!


A little about Haiti...

  • More than 80% of schools are privately run and many rural regions have no schools at all. 

  • The cost of public and private education is more than 40% of a rural household income for a single child.

  • More than 400,000 children between six and eleven have never attended school.

  • More than half of Haiti's citizens are illiterate and in rural regions, illiteracy is often as high as 90% of the population.

  • More than 60% of children who begin school will be forced to drop out before completing the sixth grade.

  • Only 2% of students ever reach high school graduation.


What does a sponsorship buy...




  • a year of school tuition and fees at a local Haitian school

  • two uniforms hand made in Haiti by local seamstresses and tailors

  • a pair of school shoes

  • All for only $175

Click here to visit The Mission Haiti's website.


One love x

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