Free Sarong Friday

Free Sarong Friday

We have a super interactive group of Island Girls on Facebook, who ask questions, share their travels and their outfits with us, and tune in every Thursday night 8pm NYC time (10am Friday Sydney time) for a LIVE video with the designer of West Indies Wear, Kim. Some weeks there are even giveaways.

If you struggle in the heat of summer, and need tips to help you live cooler and more comfortable this group can really help you!  If that is not your thing, but you would love to get cute vacation outfit ideas, see where other women like you are traveling too and what they are wearing, then you will love it.

For those of you not on social media, sometimes Kim posts the Free Sarong Friday videos here on this page, so that you do not completely miss out on all the fun.  It's not quite the same, but at least you get a little taste of island girl fun.

Here is an example of one of our LIVE videos.  Scroll on down to see some of what the other island girls have been posting recently.


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"Cool and stylish in my West Indies Wear dress, in Cape May, at the southernmost point of New Jersey. Not a tropical destination but we Jersey girls love our beaches here!" Patricia


"Beating the heat in Florida!😎🌊🌴"  Ann Marie



"Attended the Festival of Flowers today with Spiderman. Wearing the Anguilla Shell Top in Periwinkle with a pr of linen shorts!"  Kimberly


"Wearing something old and something new from your collections"  Dee


""Surfin" on Amelia Island in my WIW beach dress." Vicki

"So in love with this shirt and skirt!!! So comfy!" Tammi

"In Tahiti! Loving this dress! I need to shop for next trip!" Cindy

"Feeling cool and comfy on my vacation in Florida. Large top and skirt." Amy

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Hey Kim! You are Awesome and I love your tropical resort wear!


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