Getting married in my Starfish Tunic

Getting married in my Starfish Tunic

It is not everyday that someone emails you to say they got married in one of your designs....  especially since I haven't designed a wedding gown since I was in Fashion College (a very loooong time ago).... how exciting is that.  

Several years back I received an email from a customer who said just that.  Here is Monica getting married on the beach in our Starfish Tunic in Aqua.  Love that color - I should bring it back !

So the funny thing is that we had our GIVEAWAY this week and I just announced the winner.  It was Monica !  So Monica emails me and says "I renewed my vows in your starfish tunic. Next I'm ordering your new pineapple print 🍍😁🍍", so I email Monica right back to ask if she is the same lady who sent me those photos all those years back, yes she is !!  So Monica has been following my emails and posts all these years.  Love that.

So here is Monica and her husband, they were renewing their vows on the beach at Siesta Key Beach in FL.  They have been married for 34 years !  Now that deserves a congratulations all of its own !  Well done guys.

So who else got married on the beach?  

I did actually.  I married the surfer boy from the Billabong Print Room, on the beach in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.  This beach is home to one of the worlds best and most famous surf breaks.


The waves were really good that day, so I always joke about how he was looking over my shoulder at the waves when he said "I do"... 


Actually now I think about it, that is the last wedding dress I made, my own raw silk hand beaded dress.  It was the middle of winter, and I had to wear the pashmina to try to keep warm.... I hand beaded that too. ha ha.  I must have had more time on my hands back then (before the 3 kids took over my life)

One love island friends, and congratulations on winning our giveaway Monica x

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