Happy Thanksgiving Island Friends

Happy Thanksgiving Island Friends

After a summer of devastation in our islands, we have never felt so relieved by the start of winter.  Being island girls who love to celebrate our love of tropical paradise, that sure is a hard admission to make.

Never before has Thanksgiving been so relevant!  Although so many have lost so much and are still fighting daily to get their lives back together, it is these people who are celebrating the small things.  Did you see the video I shared on FB the other day of the people of St.Maarten singing and dancing as they shopped in the newly re-opened Cost-U-Less.  That is St.Maarten's version of Costco, and it was badly damaged by the hurricane, and in the days following it was also heavily looted.  This video made me tear up, you will find it here.  

Boy dem Caribbean people can sing - even when just impromptu !


I know that some of you may be going on a shopping frenzy this weekend for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but this year instead of heavily discounting our SALE items, we have decided instead to take most of it down off our website, box it up and ship it down to St.Maarten to share out with the island girls who really have lost everything. Rotary St.Maarten have offered to help with the distribution and I am trying to find a freight company willing to help with the freight costs.

Here is a photo of the 10 cartons boxed up and ready to go... and we are still packing.


So HAPPY THANKSGIVING island friends.  Thank you all for following my island journey.  Many apologies that there are no massive bargains this year, but I know you will all support my decision to give some ISLAND LOVE to the women of St.Maarten who are still struggling with their day to day lives.

If you do still want to shop our line this weekend, we will be offering FREE SHIPPING as an incentive for all orders (not just those over $50) for within USA this weekend only.  Offer ends Monday night (27th midnight).

There are some more offers for this weekend only, join our mailing list to receive these offers by email (scroll down on our homepage to enter your email address) 

One love x


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I also just discovered your sight in Coastal Living mag. Our group was scheduled to go to st Maarten in Feb but was canceled due hurricane. We decided to go to Kauai instead but hope to come back to St. Maart an next year. Nice to know that you are helping them out.


I just discovered your sight thru Coastal Living mag. I love your devision to help those in other devastated places!


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