How to prepare for a Vacation Boat Trip.

How to prepare for a Vacation Boat Trip.

I love the sea.  To me, the motion of sailing is heaven, but not everyone shares my love of boating.  When in the Caribbean however, it gives a whole new perspective to look back at the island from the sea.  

The Caribbean offers the most amazing boat trips, from full day sails to neighbouring islands, or snorkelling trips that stay within the calm waters, or romantic sunset cruises.  

A boat trip lets you experinece the different shades of turquoise from the aqua of a shallow sandy bay, to the dark indigo blue in the deep water.  To watch the sun set over the sea, keeping your eyes on the horizon to catch a glimpse of the green flash, and then return to port after dark, 
to see the islands sparkle in their night lights.

The thing about boat trips though is that they can be unpredictable.  
They can have you return to port, feeling freezing cold and wet from the spray, seasick or sunburnt and sloshed from too much rum punch.


My tips for your boat trip are.....

*  Enquire about the sea conditions as not everyday is postcard perfect out there.
* Take a wide brim hat.  It's ideal if it has a strap or adjustable tie so that you can tighten it to ensure it doesn't blow off in the wind.  
*  Wear a long sleeve top (preferably in cool cotton) as the sun is much harsher on the water.
*  Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, or after every swim.  Clear zinc for the face, as normal sunscreen runs into your eyes when you swim & stings.  
*  Take chapstick for your lips.
* Polarised sunglasses are fantastic on the water.
*  Take a wind breaker jacket (especially for sunset cruises) as it is often cold and wet on the return sail.
*  Remember to take your camera & ensure it is fully charged.
*  There are some great patches now for seasickness, so if you are worried about that, visit your pharmacy before your trip.

Have you heard of the "green flash" at sunset?  
Make sure you don't take your eyes off the horizon as the sun sets on a really clear day.  Don't blink.
I never managed to get my own photo, but this is what google images shows.

Be brave.... explore, see the island from the sea.  #totallyworthit

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