LIMITED EDITION pure cotton face masks

LIMITED EDITION pure cotton face masks


FINALLY, we have cute face masks in our cute island colors and prints. All face masks are PURE COTTON, so the fabrics breath.... which means you can breath through the fabrics, thats a game changer in the summer heat.


Sold in a pack of 3 assorted prints for $20. Inside each pack is 2 masks made in our cotton knit DRESS fabric and the 3rd mask in the pack is made in our lightweight TUNIC cotton fabric.  

Each mask is double layer fabric, plus the filter layer in between.  These are in no way surgical masks, but they are comfortable, breathable, CUTE and offer some protection.  All of them now have the nose wire in them too, so that your glasses don't fog up when you wear them.



Click here to shop our cotton face masks, and help save the planet from filling landfill with disposable masks during the pandemic.

Stay safe island friends x


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Yay I just got my “mixed” mask order. I am thrilled that one of them is the starfish (it’s the logo for a small resort we go to) and another is the Anchors, my husband is a fisherman by trade. Thank you

Candi Glenn

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