Magic of the Caribbean

Magic of the Caribbean

I left the Caribbean nearly 8 years ago now.... WOW hard to believe that has gone so fast.  It is fascinating though that my life is still so intertwined with the islands. One of our (most of us, but not ALL) favorite "brain dead" times is a simple scroll through FB.  I try to limit it as quite honestly I BORED with it.  I do love to see what my friends are doing all over the world, but sadly FB controls so much of what we see nowadays, that the most of what I see is quotes and politics.... yawn...

Recently though, something keeps popping up in my feed, which takes my breath away.  The FB page is called Magic of the Caribbean, and whoever is behind it, is posting regularly with the most stunning photos of my St.Maarten.  I had to find out more...

So I contacted Magic of the Caribbean through FB messenger... and what did I find?  Its another island girl behind the scenes of course !  Meet Angie, from Germany....

Angie moved to St. Maarten in 2015, and had no idea what she was getting herself into.  She knew nothing about the island at all. Her partner had visited several times before and assure her she would love it.  They decide to move to the Caribbean because of their love of the ocean, warm temperatures and the laid back lifestyle. They set up a marketing company called @network4usxm which had digital signage all over the island.... however after 2 years of hard work, they lost all of their screens in Hurricane IRMA and had to start all over again.

"We fell in love with the island from day 1, since we enjoy the Caribbean setting and culture mixed with European culture and excellent French food plus the Dutch-American influences from the Dutch side of this pretty island. St.Maarten will recover and comeback strong. We were convinced of that on day 1 after IRMA."

Oh boy did these guys go through a harrowing experience in that hurricane.  Picture yourself with your husband and child, on a mattress on your bathroom floor, with another mattress over the top of you.  That mattress is your only protection from that Category 6 (Category 5 is as high as the scale goes) storm which blew in through the bathroom door, over the mattress and out the bathroom window.  Sickening thought. click here to read her story called "We survived Hurricane Irma on SXM" - if you have ever been through a hurricane, even a small one, you know a tiny bit of what she talks about, even though Irma was NEXT LEVEL.

What amazes me though, is that Magic of the Caribbean has not one single photo of devastation.  Three months after the storm, Angie started posting photos of paradise.  All of her photos feature the stunning bright colors of the islands, and there are only a few re-construction photos.  I love all that POSITIVITY!

Angie's priority is to let the world know that despite what they had all been through, the Caribbean is as stunning as ever.... and its open for business !

I also love how she posts every day life in the Caribbean, and photos of the boutiques and stores I used to frequent.  I love this sarong display photo, taken in Grand Case.

So if you island girls are as bored as I am with your social media scroll, you got to sign up for a blast of Caribbean color & Angie's positivity..... FOLLOW Magic of the Caribbean.

One love x

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Why is this lady not called by her full name? Doe she needs to hide with her Magic Card from something out of her past? Prices are already high on the island and when every tourist starts to buy a discount card the prices will be eventually higher for the local people in all those places. Costs need to come from somewhere. Or is Angie giving all the people living on SXM a free card?

Worried Island Citizen

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