Meet Linda, our sailing sales rep for the NE

Meet Linda, our sailing sales rep for the NE

Interestingly enough I didn't know that Linda was a "boat kid" like me, until I asked her for photos and some stories about her life for this blog post..... and Linda has been with us for many years.  

Linda grew up in Connecticut, and spent her summertimes cruising with her family on their small 28 foot sailboat.  Now Linda's family had 4 kids, so anyone who has been on a 28 footer knows how SMALL that would be with 4 kids on board.  My family had 2 kids, a small dog and a budgie on a 25 footer and we thought that was tight !  Linda says "it was tight quarters but lots of fun".  Here is a photo of their family boat under full sail.

Isn't it funny how a boat upbringing can shape your life to come.  As she grew older she began racing sailboats.  When she finished college she went to work for a sailor friend who was building custom racing boats.  From there she managed a marine chandlery store, and this led onto becoming a sales rep for a marine business.  After she met her husband she became a sales rep in the gift, apparel and accessories market.... and this is where she finds herself 20 years later.

Now even though Linda was living a 'normal life' raising her daughter and working very hard, the sea was still very much in her blood and she found ways to go sailing again.  Here is a fantastic photo of Linda helming through the gulf stream waves during an ocean race to Bermuda.  She competed in an "all woman team" to sail in the Marion Bermuda Race.  I can so relate to this photo, she looks tired and a bit chilly, but EXHILARATED at the helm.

I also love this photo of Linda climbing the rigging of the stunning old Auxiliary Schooner BRILLIANT at the Mystic Seaport.  You can click here to read more about this beautiful old wooden vessel.

Once a boat kid, always a boat kid !  I too feel like I am not done boating, and just feel so lucky that while I am at home raising my kids, I have found a way to connect with sailing and the islands through fashion.  A strange combination but it works.  Now, I just need to find a way to teach my kids to sail too!

Love having you on our team Linda - thanks for all inspiration x

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