Meet Lulu, my first Sales Rep....

Meet Lulu, my first Sales Rep....

I was exhibiting at my first ever trade show in St.Kitts back in 2006 when Lulu Emery visited the booth.  Lulu represented various gift lines in the Virgin Islands and LOVED my pure cotton sarongs, (something not easily found in the Caribbean) and that was the beginning of a long term friendship.  My first sales rep is still with me after 11 years.  Here we are together in St.Thomas back in 2006.

In November 1982 (hmm back when I was in Junior school) Lulu in her youthful search for adventure, left her comfortable Stateside life (she is a California girl) and set sail on a small boat with 3 other people from Fort Lauderdale to St.Thomas, she spent the next 6 months sailing around the Caribbean islands, but came back to St.Thomas to live.  Here she is on Magens Bay back in the 90's.

Having made the decision to call St.Thomas home, Lulu made it her personal goal that she would travel somewhere new and exotic every summer.  Escaping the heat, humidity & hurricanes of the islands in the summer is a great idea, but wow, you should see the list of countries she has traveled to.  Her favorite country is Italy and she has visited there 12 times.  Here she is in Florence.

I had no idea Lulu was such a daredevil. Aside from her sailing adventures she has done hot air ballooning, zip lining, sky diving and many adventures around the islands on small private charter planes.  Here she is hanging out on the beach at Magens Bay again last month in our Marine Dress.

And here is a photo of the view from Lulu's apartment.... is it really any wonder why she hasn't left.... with a view like that.

PS - To see a quick clip of Lulu doing her little Surf Expo JIG... click here.

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