My TOP 3 favorite WIW designs of all time...

My TOP 3 favorite WIW designs of all time...

Hold onto your wide-brimmed beach hats, my friends! These might actually shock you 😜👇🥁

Life is full of tough decisions. Should I buy the white flip-flops with the blue starfish or the blue flip-flops with the white starfish? Should we have tacos for dinner or spaghetti? Should I get the laundry done or go for a walk on the beach?

But, when I decided to take a walk through history to come up with my TOP 3 favorite West Indies Wear designs of all time… well… it felt a bit like having to choose a favorite child! It’s not easy to pick favorites, but the following three garments sure do make my heart sing!

3. Coral Sarong 💕   

Have you ever snorkeled on a tropical reef and stared in awe of the brightly colored coral? Have you marveled at the schools of vibrant, tropical fish ducking and diving around you? The underwater life is absolutely magnificent but you don’t need to be adventuring with a scuba tank to enjoy the vibrance of a coral reef. Whether you’re taking a tropical reef vacation or lounging at home, our CORAL Sarong will keep you cool, comfortable, and covered. Inspired by the beauty of tropical marine life, I designed this sarong so you can bring a little bit of the reef home with you! It comes in 4 colorways: aqua, coral red, white and tropical blue, all so gorgeous you’ll have a hard time choosing just one. This gorgeous, pure cotton sarong is number 3 on my list of favorite designs of all time… And number ONE sarong!
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2. Ruffle Skirt 🙌

Looking for a new summer skirt that tucks in your tummy? A skirt that is fun, flirty, and flattering? A skirt that moves with our bodies when we enjoy an extra helping at the cruise buffet? A soft and breathable skirt that is heavy enough so it doesn’t blow up in the lightest island breeze? A skirt that comes in colors that suit your island-chic style and match perfectly with your collection of cool, cotton tanks? Hmmm surely this skirt doesn’t exist, right?! Well, up until 2021, it didn’t! And that’s why we designed it together, my Island Girl friends! YOU helped create this skirt. YOU dreamed it into existence and I am so glad you did! Number two on my list is our “Comfortable Cotton Vacation Skirt”, affectionately known to the WIW sisterhood as the “Ruffle Skirt” because of the flirty frill shape. It is made from 100% breathable cotton knit fabric and is a generous 21” length with a foldable waistline so you can adapt it to your preference… How cool is that?! I absolutely ADORE this design and am sure you will too! If you are reading this blog at the time of its release: please note that this skirt is currently in PRE-SALE! After last season's huge demand for this skirt, I ordered a re-stock and it will be hitting our warehouse later this week. You can (and should) SHOP NOW to secure your fave color and size combo, but please note that your order may be put on hold if there are customs/shipping delays.


1. Starfish Tunic ⭐️

When I first started West Indies Wear, one of my big goals was to create the highest quality, breathable clothing for life on the islands. I wanted to create clothing for ME, because what I could find in all the boutiques was super impractical for the heat and humidity. To this day, my flagship design, Starfish Tunic, embodies everything I ever wanted to create for Island Girls like you and me. Here are the reasons why it is number ONE on my list:
  • It is bright and happy
  • It is made from pure cotton
  • It embodies the island-chic style that I am obsessed with
  • It is light and breathable but covers all the right places,
  • It is the number one top-selling West Indies Wear garment of all time
This tunic is not just number one for practical reasons but also for nostalgic reasons! She has been a part of my life for 12 years now. We have been through all the ups and downs of running a small business, together. We have sailed together. We have moved home together. We have built a home together. We were in VOGUE together. We have had babies together. Wherever I have gone, she has been with me. I am truly thankful for the years you have loved my STARFISH TUNIC. And, may she continue to bring joy and vibrance to the wardrobes of those lucky Island Girls who have one, for many years to come 🥰 What do you think, lovelies? Should we bring her back?!

There, I did it. I chose my TOP 3 favorite children (oh, I mean WIW designs) of all time… I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and I would absolutely LOVE to continue this discussion and hear all about your top 3! If you feel so inclined, please share your faves, and the moments and memories they have helped you to create over on Our Island Family Facebook group. Click on the button below for the group discussion. I hope this blog has encouraged you to pull on some of your vintage WIW, turn the Bob Marley up a little louder, pour yourself an island-inspired beverage, and pop a little cocktail umbrella on top! Go on lovely, you deserve it…

One Love Island Friends,
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I will always LOVE my navy AND white cotton eyelet coverups that I wear as summer nighties!
More nighties! Yours are the BEST!

Cheryl-Anne Jones

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