Off to Maui....

Off to Maui....

I live in this quiet lush valley on the East Coast of Australia, about 6 hours drive north of Sydney. The view from our verandah is out across the mountains, where we see farms growing bananas and some netted fields keeping their blueberries safe from the greedy parrots.  

At night when we sit here and relax after a busy day, we can count the lights of about 12 other houses.  I love it.  Occasionally I miss the view from my galley window when we were at anchor in the Caribbean, but not often.

When I was speaking to our Hawaii sales rep Bonnie Bowles on Saturday and she told me she was off to Maui on Sunday (today) to visit accounts..... hmmm I got to admit I was a little green with island envy.  Here below, is what the word MAUI shows up on a google images search.

Well I do not know what your work commute looks like, but I want to hazard a guess that not many of us have one like this.

"Anyway...." Bonnie says, matter-of-factedly,  "I will be on West Maui on Monday, visiting accounts in Kapalua, Kaanapali & Lahaina. On Tuesday I will be in Paia, Makawao, Kahului, Ma’alaea and Kihei/Wailea….. I should be pretty busy"  

Oh boy, yes that does sound busy.  Here is a photo of Bonnie and her partner Doug.

Anyone want to hazard a guess at what items from our collection sell best in Hawaii ..... any of the sarongs of course.  Soft pure cotton lovelies.


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Evetything I see or hear about Hawaii is magical…’s on my bucket list for sure.

Kathleen Kelly

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