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Picture This...

Picture This...

November 06, 2022

Picture this... You’ve spent the most incredible day at the beach. You’re salty, sandy, sun-kissed, and ready to get out of the heat. You pack up your beach bag and head back to the hotel, and you look back just for a second. You want to capture this moment and store it in your mind forever. The image stops you in your tracks and overwhelms you with gratitude, and you take a moment to breathe it all in. The afternoon sun, the cool island breeze, the unfathomable beauty of this beach… Is a timely reminder of just how incredible this world is.
You’re wearing your favorite new West Indies Wear sarong, draped around your body like a reassuring hug. So cool and comfy, it feels like it’s a part of you: and yet, it’s protecting your shoulders from the harsh UV rays, and shielding you from those pesky mosquitos as the sun starts to set.
You get a glimpse of storm clouds in the distance and you can feel an afternoon island squall in the air. If you want to get back to the hotel before the downpour, you better make tracks. 
Back at the room, you jump into hot shower with your favorite song playing in the background. You wash the salt and sand from your hair and slather yourself in some fresh coconut oil that you found at a local market. You’ve never felt so fresh and alive!! You sit on the luxurious hotel bed just for a moment and are almost (almost!) tempted to take a quick nap, but the beach bar is calling your name…
Your luggage is filled with colorful designs and pure cotton. Cool, comfortable tunics and dresses that bring a smile to your face. Who needs high heels and little black dresses, when you can slide into something comfy and match the sunset?!
As always you’re the first of the group to arrive and you grab the best seat in the house. One with a view that stretches to eternity. One where you can flick off your flip flops and sit with your feet in the sand. One where you can hear the waves lapping against the shore between songs. One where you could stay forever.
It feels like you’ve discovered the meaning of life. Or perhaps just the meaning of YOUR life. And it feels gooooood!
I am ever so grateful for all of these moments that I experienced during my island life and they continue to inspire my designs. Whenever I need a hit of inspiration, I pull from my memories and journals. This is how I have continued to create new sarongs each year in fresh, island prints. THIS WEEK I’m so excited to be launching our brand new Frill Fish Sarong in 4 stunning colorways. Want to stay in-the-know about my new collection? Stay tuned in your inbox, lovelies... it’s coming soon!
One Love Island Girls,

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