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Pure Cotton Miracle

Pure Cotton Miracle

July 25, 2016

Did you know that our sarongs and clothing are predominantly made of PURE COTTON.
A lot of our competitors products are made of RAYON or VISCOSE RAYON (same thing)
Cotton is grown on a cotton bush in 5-6 months.  There are some great photos here.
Rayon is grown as a tree (taking years before ready to harvest) and then it is chemically processed to remove everything but the part that can be regenerated into man-made fibers for weaving fabric.
Cotton fibers are longer thus MUCH stronger than rayon (as they have fewer joins), which is why our fabrics rarely get holes from wear - whereas viscose fabrics do tend to weaken and get holes after wear.
Another interesting fact is that cotton gets stronger after it is wet, whereas viscose rayon gets weaker when it is wet.  So in the case of our pure cotton sarongs - they are more absorbant (great to use as a towel) and are stronger when wet and less likely tear or get holes.
Also note that as Viscose Rayon is a man-made regenerated fiber which goes through a lot of complex chemical processes to create, a lot more so than cotton, makes it a lot more of an ecologically friendly fabric.
Add to this the fact that pure cotton is SO MUCH COOLER to wear in the tropics because the fabric can BREATH….. I think we have a WIN WIN !!
Be sure to check the label or description of your garments to ensure you get 100% cotton.  
Here is a link to an article which explains the difference in more detail.

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