Guest Blog : Sandy Bay

Guest Blog : Sandy Bay

Hi guys! My name is Amy and I’m takin’ over this BLOG SPACE! Whoop! If you don’t know me, I am Kim’s awesome baby sister and number one (though, currently retired) West Indies Wear model. Ha! I spent my entire 20’s living the dream in the Caribbean and I’m here today to talk about my very favorite island, Roatan… Enjoy x

As Fall starts to dwindle into frosty mornings and down jackets after sunset, have you been dreaming about crystal-clear Caribbean waters? Sipping frozen cocktails with your feet in the sand? Exploring a new paradise?

If so, I’d L O V E to introduce you to the beautiful Bay Islands, off the coast of Honduras and perched in the gorgeous Caribbean sea. Roatan is the largest of the islands and is known for its incredible coral reef, worldclass diving and (of cause) being the amazing location of TWO of our favorite West Indies Wear photo shoots. I also called this paradise H O M E for 5 years.

 “Home” (Sandy Bay) is a little gem that is still relatively undiscovered by tourists. In true old island style, the beaches are quiet and the locals are friendly and hospitable. The calm waters of the bay glisten in the morning sun and the peaceful lapping of waves on the shore are enough to make anyone forget their stressors back home.

Just a quick 10 minute drive West from Sandy Bay is the little laid-back tourist town of West End, which is lined with beach bars, street food, colorful boutiques and dive shops. The town is bustling with fantastic eats, water excursions and a lively nightlife.

From there you can jump in a quick water taxi to West Bay, which despite being super close to West End is a very different atmosphere! The gorgeous white-sand beach is one of the most beautiful that I’ve seen in all of my travels and is lined with stunning resorts, comfy lounge chairs, water activity rentals and relaxed tourists sipping delicious cocktails served in coconuts.

Wherever you choose to explore on this island, as soon as you jump in the crystal waters, you will understand why the Bay Islands are a renowned underwater exploration destination! Whether you love to scuba or prefer to stay at the surface, you will be in awe of the incredible coral reef and sea life.

During my time on Roatan, I had the privilege of being part of an operation to release Scarlett Macaws back into the wild in the islands. This magnificent creature, which is the National Bird of Honduras is sadly another subject of the illegal animal trafficking trade that is rife in Central America. After many years of poaching it was hard to find these birds in their natural habitat. Macaw Mountain in the historical town of Copan Ruinas (mainland Honduras) is an incredible sanctuary and rehabilitation facility. This passionate organisation is to thank for the growing number of Scarlett Macaws and other endangered birds in the wild across the mainland of Honduras and the Bay Islands.


While you are exploring the mainland of Honduras, be sure to stop by Pico Bonito. If you are up for an extreme adventure, you can jump in a raft with experienced guides that will take you down the rapids of the Cangrejal River. If you are anything like me, you will most likely get WET so if that’s not for you try hiking one of the many trails beyond the suspension bridge. The hiking is so peaceful and quiet with only bird and animal noises to be heard… It’s not every day that you are surrounded by tucans, monkeys, incredibly colorful butterflies and so much more! There are several stunning Eco-Lodges lining the Cangrejal River but if you prefer some additional creature comforts of home, be sure and check out The Lodge.

If all of this sounds like too much to cram into a weeks vacation, I’m totally with ya! That’s why I stayed for 5 years ;) If you are pining for warm weather, a slower speed of life and a lower cost of living, moving to Roatan might be JUST what you need! But if you are not quite ready to take the plunge into full time island living, you could also consider a vacation home with Airbnb potential… I bet you didn’t know that non-citizens of Honduras CAN legally own property in Roatan and with a lawyer or realtor versed in Honduran property sales, you can achieve this dream relatively easily! Oh, and don’t stress about the cost of maintaining your vacation home, as Honduran property taxes  and maintenance costs are significantly lower than many other Caribbean countries!

With a heavy heart, I have said “hasta luego” to my beautiful island home and am now building a life with my American husband and baby boy in the USA. The experiences that I had and the friends that I made in Roatan had such an impact on my life and I will be forever grateful for all the love, laughter and loco-ness. I hope to share more about my life in the Caribbean if big sister will have me back! Haha *Stay Tuned*

In the meantime, if you are longing for a new life in the islands and would like to get more information on my gorgeous little beach house in serene Sandy Bay (FOR SALE) please feel free to email me directly here.


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It looks beautiful, added to the bucket list!

Sher Griffin

Thank you Doris!! What a sweet message :) I’m so glad to hear that you loved Roatan! I sure do miss it! Best, Amy xo

Amy Duda

You are my favorite model. You always looked so happy wearing West Indies clothes.
I went to Roatan on a cruise and loved it there too. Enjoyed reading your blog. I hope Kim does let you continue to entertain us.


Beautiful pictures, the scenery is stunning as well as the ladies!

David Mulholland

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