Save Turtles & WIN a sarong

Save Turtles & WIN a sarong

As you know we are island people who love the sea and all the creatures in it.
Since we designed our TURTLE LOVE sarong, we decided to donate some proceeds to SEE Turtles which has the cutest little campaign to save a Billion Baby Turtles.  Click through to their site here.

Back in April we did a blog post about the turtles
and how we came to want to help.  Click here to read it.

This week we have also been running a GIVEAWAY of our TURTLE LOVE sarong to help the baby turtles some more.

So today 5th August they are going to be running a last chance giveaway here on their Facebook page. The giveaway hasn't even gone live yet - we wanted you guys to hear it first from us!!!!  SNEAKY I know.

To enter you just need to comment on the post with how you help the ocean (and don't forget to like, share, and follow us & SEE Turtles)  Good luck x

I learnt something about the turtles dying from swallowing balloons from an earlier entry on instagram... 


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