Spring is in the air .... right?

Spring is in the air .... right?

Well there might not be a hint of Spring in the air when you look outside your window, however for us RagTraders our minds have already turned to Spring.  We are already planning what we are buying, wearing, displaying this Spring.  

Here is a photo of my team at Surf Expo last week, in between showing what is new for 2018.

These guys have a very busy few months ahead of them.

Ann Jones is on the left, and Ann covers the South-Atlantic states of NC, SC, VA, WV, KY, TN, AL, GA.   Click here to meet Ann, or scroll down to read about Ann's road-trip plans for the next few months.

Sitting next to Ann, is Ted Morris, our new sales rep for the Mid-Atlantic states of NY, NJ, MD, PA, DE.  We are excited to have Ted and his wife Lori on our team.  Lori is in this photo, 2nd from the right. Click here to find their company Morris Resort Apparel on instagram.

Standing behind Ted is Angela who lives in St.Maarten and covers our Caribbean islands.  Click here to meet Angela, who is our island girl.... love her bubble of sunshine on our team.

AND of course Lauren is on the right, Lauren has been with me for 10 years now, and she is my WONDER WOMAN... my Sales Manager, my Warehouse Manager, my LIFE SAVER.  Lauren covers the area of Florida, Bahamas & Turks and Caicos.  Click here to read about Lauren and her adventures on her boat in the Caribbean.

Above is a photo of Ann and her husband Ed on vacation in Hawaii last year..... 
right now though Ann is busy planning a massive road-trip over the coming months, to call in on her boutiques and do shows.

During Ann's road trip, she will be traveling Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina in her Honda Odyssey complete with 3 rows of hanging space in the back.  Ann is an empty nester, so its easy for her to travel now.  Her husband works as Director of PR & Communications at a college, so they are both busy at the same time.

Ann was a buyer for big Department Stores for most of her working life, so she understands her buyers, and takes pride in taking care of them like no other.  Ann works hard to answer all of her phone calls, or calls back almost immediately if she is on another call, and she has an in-built knowledge of the fashion industry, after her many years in the buying business - she was one of those buyers traveling to Milan and Paris every year to sit in on the designer runway shows - that must have been amazing!

A quote from Ann "I love bringing WIW to the boutiques in my states - it makes people happy to look at resort apparel in such pretty beach colors" .... we love you too Ann x

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