Tiny little line...

Tiny little line...

Each year when I go into production with the new collection, we work with a small Indian family manufacturer.  This is a 4th generation family company, that was started by the Great Grandfather back in 1970 (before I was born).  Here is a family photo taken at a recent family wedding.

I work with the great grandson, Sanskar.  This young man is in his late 20's and is so organized and so good at reading what I want.... when I tell him how talented he is at deciphering my scribbles, he tells me he doesn't know why..... he just grew up hearing about fabrics, fashion & production at the dinner table.  Recently he sent me this photo of his sister's wedding.... look at her incredibly exquisite dress, and even the grooms suit is incredible.


Somehow Sanskar just reads my mind, when I come up with my crazy designs.   So because I work with a small loyal manufacturer, I can do fairly small production runs. Each garment I only cut 300 pieces per color, and sometimes even less .... we are only a small fashion brand.  This is not "Corporate America" you guys, this is just little old me, designing pure cotton things in my bright island colors..... that I hope you guys LOVE.  Here is the Bird of Paradise Tunic being laid up ready to cut.  This style is now only available in M & L.


We started off our brand by sailing from island to island in the Caribbean, and selling to resort boutiques.  Over the years that has expanded to include little coastal boutiques all the way up to Rhode Island and all the way west to Hawaii... and now to Australia and the Solomon Islands.  Here we are on Abaco a few years back.  We are heartbroken to see what Dorian has done there.

Here we are in the most adorable boutique in Chatham, Massachusetts, USA.... Its called Mermaids on Main.  You should follow them on FB guys, so many cute mermaid things.

So now we are getting towards the end of summer, we are starting to run low on some of our 2019 styles.  As we sell to a lot of Caribbean stores, and their high season is WINTER (when all the snow birds fly south for a little island sunshine), we start delivery of our new season each year in December.  For the best selling items, that means we are already SOLD OUT of them by January, which is crazy.

In those instances, I have the factory re-cut the most popular styles, so that I can be re-stocked in time for USA Spring.  That at least means that the best sellers are still available now, and we can roll them out for another year.  Watch this little video to see which styles they are...

Here are the links to the styles shown in the video....

Coral Reef Tunic

Turtle Tunic

Wave Tunic

Our famous Starfish Tunic.

These styles will soon be gone forever ladies.... if you are thinking of a shopping for your winter vacation, you should do so before they are gone.

One love x

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