The Ultimate Guide To Summer

The Ultimate Guide To Summer

The Ultimate guide to Summer

You’ve done it!!! You have survived the very worst of winter. Say goodbye to the snow, the rain, freezing temperatures, and the pandemic that has kept us locked indoors.

Summer is officially out and there is no time to waste. How will you spend it? Out of Ideas? Here is a list of 5 new things to try this summer.  

1. Explore a Waterfall 

Every waterfall has the same mesmerizing effect, from thundering over a 50ft drop to trickling down a 2ft ledge into a pool. They’re always easy to find, being documented in maps all around the world. What’s stopping you from getting lost in their beauty? Just google ‘Waterfalls near me’ and the choice is yours. 


2. Go on a Hike

Hiking alone can be a spiritual and rejuvenating experience, it clears the mind and reduces stress. Hiking with friends and sharing the experience can bring you closer together and create lasting memories. Not to mention the incredible views and scenery that you see along the way. 


3. Watch the sunrise 

Our lives are busier than ever. Nine to five jobs, full social calendars, and everyday life keep us at a permanent level of stress. Watching the sunrise has been proven to make us feel more energized and motivated throughout the day. If you’re not a morning person, that's okay, there's always a sunset. 

4. Snorkeling 

Have a glimpse at the underwater world! The ocean is full of life with an abundance of color and creatures waiting to be discovered. It is cheap, safe, and stress-free. Compared to scuba diving, snorkeling requires less equipment. A mask, snorkel, fins, and snorkeling vest are all you need. 

5. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding allows anyone to enjoy the tranquility of paddling over water and exploring hidden areas of the coast, no matter your ability. Learning to balance and master paddling in a straight line can be a great challenge, not to mention a physical workout. It's the perfect way to get outside and enjoy your local water with family and friends.  

You're winning even if you've found just one new thing to try out this summer. 

One Love x

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