Welcome to Our New Season

Welcome to Our New Season

Summer is sweltering here in Australia, but despite the lack of air-conditioning, that is not what slows me down.  NO, its the 6 weeks of summer vacay that makes me a little crazy.  Yes here in Australia it is called "school holidays" and my kids are home from school for 6 weeks!!!  I move out of my office.  I have this old fashioned writing desk, in my living room.  I bought it last December, cleaned it up, painted it blue and now every "school holidays" my computer is brought down from my lovely peaceful office and plonked on top of this table.  Actually a US summer vacay is longer than 6 weeks isn't it?  Seriously, how do you mom's out there cope?

So my "vacay office" is nice and close to the action.  I can try to get something done, whilst keeping an eye on the kids.... Today I made this little video of us hanging out in the pool house.... crazy kids !  Click on the photo to go through to youtube to see it.


High level concentration things are left until night time, when there are no interruptions for ... a drink, a snack, a movie, a conversation or to break up an argument ha ha.  

Last week we all went on this really long hike.  3.7 miles in total, down this long bush track and back along the beach.  I was actually quite impressed how well the little kids did.  Here we are covering up from the sun with hats and sarongs.

Of course, poor dad had to do quite a bit of carrying at times.... not just the kids bags, but the kids too !

Today however, was a kid-free day, and I got a lot of the new collection loaded onto the website.  It takes quite a bit of time to write up the descriptions, choose all the photos, load all the inventory but I am getting there.  Here is one of my most favorite NEW styles... the Arawak Dress.


Now this new print is derived from the ancient Arawak rock carvings that are occasionally re-discovered in the islands.  The Arawak people were the peaceful people who lived in the Caribbean and Central America long before Columbus.  A lot of their ancient rock carvings have been swallowed up by overgrown rainforests, so when new ones are discovered it is incredible.   

There are some really cool petroglyphs on the island of St.John too, click on this photo to see the hike you can do to see them.

The dress is actually 2 dresses for the price of 1.... I was worried it would be see-through as a single layer maxi dress in my fine cotton voille, so I created a little "slip dress" to go with it.  Here is the slip dress in the other colorway.

Make sure to check out my ridiculous video here.

So many new goodies.  Stay tuned as your exclusive EARLY access link is going to go LIVE very soon.

One love x



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To Ann, the lady above who loves Montserrat…. it is one of my favorite islands too. Here is a link to a blog post I did about it a while back. https://www.shopwestindieswear.com/blogs/news/96076417-volcano-on-montserrat .


Both dresses are really cute! I live them ♥️

Anne Muller

Oops I got so excited about the slip dress I didn’t proof read my comment! Lol I’m in LOVE with the slip dress!


I am absolutely in live with the slip dress! I can hardly wait for it to go live as I will snap one or maybe 3 up!


Love this new dress and especially love that you mention Montserrat my favorite island in the Caribbean even though I live on St Croix , will have to start shopping 2019 line right now❤️


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