Bali offerings

Bali offerings

Every morning the people of Bali put out these little offerings as an act of gratefulness to their gods.  Each little basket is hand-made, and a selection of flowers, garden goodies, and some sweets are left wherever appropriate for today's act of THANKS.  It is a lesson in gratefulness.... and something I could appreciate after having watched some of my Caribbean islands torn apart last year with hurricanes.  My friends homes, businesses, livelihoods in tatters.  Grateful - yes I get that.

My vacation in Bali in March, was the first for our family in over 8 years.  Oh my goodness we needed it..... I sat and looked at this view of the volcano for days.  I barely moved.  I did some scribbly drawings of pineapples in a pathetic attempt to start the new collection, because I forgot the paints I imagined I would take.  Nice view though, right ?  Grateful.

I told the kids about when I climbed that volcano in the dark 20 years ago.  We went up in the dark, so that we could be at the top for sunrise.  "Climbing" is an exaggeration actually.  It  was more like scrambling and falling and scrambling again.  Cutting myself up on the sharp volcanic rock.  5 metres from the top and still in the dark, I sat in a huff in the dirt and said to my sister, you go ahead, I am not going any further.....I am DONE.  My sister is the determined one.... "GET UP" she demanded and she dragged me to the top.  It was the most spectacular sunrise.

 All these years later I suddenly remembered that the Balinese guides who had taken up all the paying tourists (my sister and I were too cheap to hire a guide) were cooking boiled eggs for their guests, over the vents of the live volcano.  My "boiled egg lovin kids" LOVED that story.

This time around we stayed behind these beautiful hand carved doors, with a view of that was heavenly.  The internet wasn't good though, and I didn't really start the new collection.

I am home again now.  The heat of the Australian summer is starting to subside and winter is coming.  You all know I am not a winter lover, but its ok..... because I had an ISLAND VACATION !!!  Now I can do anything! With breakfast fruit salad color inspirations like this..... 2019 collection will come to me despite the winter chill outside.

The start of a new collection is always immensely overwhelming.  WOW where do I start?  I will start with COLOR of course.

Click here to see my new video.... I need your help island friends !

Very grateful for you all for your support.  

One love x

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