Why Sarongs Are The Most Essential Travel Item

Why Sarongs Are The Most Essential Travel Item

Why sarongs Are The Most Essential Travel Item

Isn't it crazy how many uses there are for one simple rectangular piece of pure cotton? Many people are puzzled by the concept of it but don't worry, listed below are just a few ways a sarong can assist you this summer.

1. Outfit

Sarongs can be adapted into many designs and styles of clothing. Click HERE to view my ebook that discusses "8 Designer Ways to Wear Your Sarong" or click HERE for our FREE download of 3 simple ways to tie a sarong.

2. Sunshade

Cover your shoulders and protect them from the sun! Sun safety is a really big issue for all of us. A sarong is perfect to protect and keep your body safe from the sun's UV rays and cool from the summer heat.

3. Beach Towel 

Make your beach trips easy with a Sarong! Did you know that six rolled-up sarongs take up less space than one singular towel? The thin fabric allows for quick drying, so you'll always have a dry towel!  

4.  Baby Wrap

Our sarongs' 100% breathable cotton fabric is the perfect wrap for babies in hot climates! Cotton allows your baby to stay cool, helping them maintain their body temperature and prevent overheating.

5. Pouch for pooches

Click HERE for a video tutorial on 'How to Tie a Doggie Wrap (or Baby Wrap)'. How cute is the photo below?!

6. Headscarf & Table runner

Use a sarong to keep hair out of your face or use it as a decorative table runner when you return home from an Island Vacation. 

If you are looking for an easy, multi-use, fashionable and breathable piece of clothing, a Sarong is ideal for you. They made great gifts too!


Here is the easiest way to wear it....


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