Working on my first FALL collection

Working on my first FALL collection

Covid-19 has slowed down the process of EVERYTHING hasn't it.... normally I design a new collection at the beginning of the year because it really takes a whole year to put together.   My collections are in an annual cycle.... there is so much involved from concept, through design, fits, and production, and that process normally takes a full year.

So I would normally be designing a new collection, at the same time as the previously designed collection is just arriving in the warehouse.  This year that's different though, and for the first time ever I am working on a new FALL collection.

I am thinking that most of our customers won't be able to fly south for some sunshine in the middle of winter, most of us will be in lockdown in our homes... so to cheer everyone up, wouldn't it be nice if I could bring a little island sunshine into their wardrobe even as the temperature drops.

In Our Island Family Facebook group we have been having some great chats with the group members about what they like to wear in winter.  Check out the video below.  Group members are getting an inside chance to help design their own collection.



So while I am gathering thoughts and ideas from island friends afar, the collection slowly starts to take shape in my head.  This season is the first time ever we have had such a large following in a private Facebook Group, where everyone tunes in and gives me a ton of feedback & ideas.  Its the middle of winter here in Australia, and you can see how I am wearing winter clothes combined with my island touches.  In this next video you can see how I utilize a tropical kimono, as a scarf.  




If you are not on social media, and don't want to miss out, be sure to email me, or add a comment below to let me know what is on your winter wish list.


One love x

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Deep teals/navy – a favorite . . Winter wear is cowl neck 3/4 sleeve long top. Your coral designs too are also appreciated.


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