VOGUE - what an honor!

VOGUE - what an honor!

British Vogue, what an honor.

16 years of designing beach clothes for women.  Graduated fashion school in 1992 and for 29 years I had worked all over the world in the fashion industry.  It is a little bit exciting to get an email from British Vogue inviting us to appear in their beach pages this summer....  here is what they said "we are looking to showcase amazing beachwear and swimwear brands from around the world that may yet be undiscovered by our readers, and whose collections we feel are the perfect glove fit to their style and budget. I think that your gorgeous kaftans and other beachwear fits this brief and would make a perfect addition to this page during this key season and exciting campaign."


So it is our Starfish Tunic in Coral Pink, our most popular style ever which has been selected to appear in the July edition.  

I came up with the idea to do a starfish printed tunic one weekend in St.Maarten.  At the time I was working as General Manager and buyer for Shipwreck Shops, a chain of 16 gift shops scattered all over the island of St.Maarten.  I was designing my 2008 collection after hours and on the weekends.  I had bought home a basket full of merchandise for the weekend, so that when we went to the beach, I could have a little photo shoot, and get some images I could use for social media and in our newspaper ads.  So I was sitting on my balcony having my Sunday morning coffee while staring out to see towards St.Barths, when I picked up a starfish out of that basket full of goodies, and thought "ooh that would look so cute on a tunic".... and so many many years of Starfish Tunics was born.

Womens tropical shirts and dresses took on a whole new vibe, once I started starfishing everything. 

How exciting to be in British Vogue!

That is the look on my face when I first got my hands on a copy!




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