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Mum's favorites

Meet the mum of the Caribbean sailing designer behind West Indies Wear, Laurie Van Loo..... Growing up she always said things like "Don't get married young" ..... "Go travel the world first" .... so that's exactly what I did.  

I left home at 24 with my little sister Cristi, and together we went on some crazy adventures all over the world. My travels ended up lasting 16 years. My poor mum, how proud she was, but also how she wished I would just come home!

Every time she said "when are you coming home" I would remind her that she had in fact told me to go travel the world, and I was thus just doing as I was told. 

Today all 3 of mum's daughters are back in Australia, raising her grandchildren, working hard, living life.  Oh how she loves those grandchildren.

Mum loves to dress for comfort.... its all about comfort and covering up her arms and legs, but not being in anything too restrictive because she gets HOT.  Here are her favorites for this season.