How to pack for the islands when it's snowing outside

How to pack for the islands when it's snowing outside

Right now it is SUMMER here in Australia.  Its "stinkin hot" (as we Aussies say) and the humidity is sky high.  Even the kangaroo's are heading out to the beach for a swim according to @auquaswimwear 

I am heading out to Las Vegas soon for a trade show and I know its going to be cold.  It got me thinking that most of my island friends (you guys) are in the cold right now, and a large majority of you may be planning a tropical island vacation VERY SOON.  Here is a screen shot from The Weather Channel showing more snow than I have ever seen in my life!

I don't know about you guys, but I find it hard to pack for a trip to a cold climate when I am walking around the house in my bikini in sarong.  My guess is that you guys have the same dilemma in reverse.

So if you were to take a few tips from an "island expert" I would have to say COTTON COTTON COTTON.  Natural fabrics like cotton & linen are best for the tropical heat because the natural fibers of cotton breath well - air can pass through the fibers allowing your skin to breath.  You will sweat less and be less likely to get skin irritations.  This tunic is pure cotton and is great to wear in the heat of the tropical day. It also has long sleeves to provide you with great sun protection, without making you too hot and sweaty.

You forget how hot it really is in the islands, and although that polyester chiffon tunic looks perfectly breezy & cool to wear to the beach, it actually can be stifling, because the synthetic fabrics don't breath well.  You will sweat more in synthetics and you may even get skin irritations where your skin rubs. Save the synthetics like chiffons and viscose for the evenings.  This tunic is a polyester chiffon and is perfect for the Caribbean nights, but don't pack it to wear at the beach.

Now, since we are talking about evenings it may be helpful for you to know that it is winter in the Caribbean too.  That means that the days are lovely, sunny and warm, but once you have watched the sun dip below the horizon it can get a bit chilly.  During the winter months the wind always seems to pick up and blow quite hard at night.  You may have spent the day on the beach and you may be a little sunburnt (which makes your skin feel warm to touch) but once the wind starts blowing on your salty sunburnt skin, you will be surprised how chilly it can be in the tropics.  Having a cardi with you is a great plan, but even a sarong can also keep you surprisingly warm if you are caught out after dark.

Now boat trips, especially "sunset sails" always take you out when it is lovely and hot, but bring you back to the dock after dark.  The wind blows stronger offshore than it does on the beach, so if you are planning a boat trip, you MUST pack something warm.  I have seen hundreds of tourists climbing off the boats in the dark, shivering and freezing, sometimes also wet from the sea-spray.  So if you plan to take a boat trip of any sort (highly recommend you do this as there is nothing like seeing the islands from the sea) then you absolutely should take something warm to wear.  A wind breaker would be the ideal choice.

A quick word on sarongs - this is the most versatile item you will pack for your vacation.  I have used them for a beach towel, sun shade, seat cover, tablecloth, head wrap, blanket for my babies, and worn them as a skirt, dress, pants, kimono, cardi, shawl, scarf.  I recently posted a picture of Amy using hers as a "pooch pouch"  silly but pretty darn CUTE.


So now I have made some suggestions to you guys heading from the cold to the how about a little bit of advice back at me?

How cold is it really in Las Vegas?



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