Coastal store love...

Coastal store love...

Every summer our humble little Caribbean-island collection finds itself in some of the cutest little island stores around the world.  Sometimes not even on actual islands, but in the cutest little coastal towns.  One such town is Fairhope in Alabama.  A small town with a population of about 17,000 people and approximately the same amount of flowers in the downtown area.  Its a small town with a BIG flower budget.

This summer we have been featured in the store name SIMPLY DIVINE BOUTIQUE in downtown Fairhope and owner Cassandra is an adorable mom of 2, who was a registered nurse for 18 years before she found herself at Americasmart in Atlanta and on a whim she decided she wanted to sell something.... anything!  

What a success story, that her little boutique started out as a home show accessories company which soon outgrew her living room and expanded into a tiny space in the main street, and then expanded again to take out walls in that boutique and grow into larger boutique with space for apparel.  Her goal is to make every guest who enters feel as if they are coming into their best friends closet.  Good ole Southern Hospitality at its best.  

She was telling me this story about “Jubilee”.  Now I am a boat girl and island girl, but I had never heard of a Jubilee like this before.  "Jubilee" is the word given to a natural phenomenon which only happens in 2 places in the whole world, one is on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay and the other one is in Tokyo Bay, Japan.  So what happens is that sometime in summer a lack of oxygen in the water causes flounder, crabs and shrimp to swim up to the shore.    Certain weather conditions cause this to happen, and Cassandra well remembers her mother noticing these conditions and predicting a jubilee.  She would load her 5 children into the car and off they would go on a family "abundant seafood mission”.   Sounds like good old family fun.... back when we searched for real things and not pokemon!
If you find yourself in Fairhope AL for Jubilee anytime soon, be sure to call in and say HI to Cassandra @ Simply Divine, 319 Fairhope Avenue, Suite 5, Fairhope, Al. 36532
Ph : 251-990-7964
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