An update from Paradise.

An update from Paradise.

It's been a year since the worst hurricane in history ripped through our islands, and this is the coolest update from paradise ever..... from Debby at Aquamania, St.Maarten.

Well, it has been a long and winding road since Hurricane Irma breezed through our neck of the woods….and without realizing it the calendar has flipped over a whole year!! 

But the island vibe is upbeat and accepting. This is after all what happens in Paradise… we have palm trees that sway, beaches that come and go with the waves and we have built better and stronger.

There is an air of optimism, a chance for renewal …the smell of fresh paint and newly stained wood.

We are certainly working harder and reinventing ourselves at Aqua Mania. 

Simpson Bay Resort opened April 26th, Divi Little Bay May 12th and we have a new dive shop at Dock Maarten. 

Selma and Elisha have been checking stocks and polishing the boutiques - ready for a little Summer rush. Getting new shipments certainly put a little spring in everyone’s step…

We want to welcome guests back to St Maarten with big smiles and great service …. It’s an Island Ting!

Our boats are shiny, repainted and heading out most days to tropical islands and exotic destinations.

Numbers are small but everyone is happy to be back and visiting “the Friendly Island”.

In Saba the storm seems to have never passed …if you are looking at all that beautiful rainforest and winding roads through quaint villages. Dive Teams at Sea Saba have been out and operating, Juliana’s is still serving up delicious meals and the G&T’s at Queen’s Garden are oh so refreshing…. Come September when the airport closes for renovation, ferry rates drop to just $20 one way. It certainly is the time to visit …


Prickly Pear island has opened again with Johnnos leading the charge … he suffered a tremendous setback when his historic restaurant burned down in Road Bay … but he has bounced back and our guests are lined up to taste his “fall off the bone” ribs. Further down the beach in Road Bay- Roy’s Bayside Grill gets a little spit and polish, with new decks and décor … still the best lobster bisque in the whole world.


Sunny St Barts is scrubbing up for season with the promise of megayachts, private jets and bubbly champagne. It really is the Caribbean Riveria …


So we were a little nervous for this hurricane season …to be sure. But here it is - and we are “carrying on regardless”. We are shaking out our best sarongs, putting on our best flip flops and getting ready to do what we do best … Survive! 


We do live, after all, in Paradise!  If you wanted to know more about Aquamania and how they fared in the hurricane, click here to read the previous post I did about them.

Thanks for your lovely positive words Deb.  

One love x

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What survivors you Aquamaniacs are. The most positive operation i know, hood for you all, your island is the best!


What survivors you Aquamaniacs are. The most positive operation i know, hood for you all, your island is the best!


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