At this point all we can do is DREAM

At this point all we can do is DREAM

Surely travel to the islands will become a wonderful reality again someday..... hopefully sooner rather than later.  

For some of us, we may be able to travel to islands that belong to our own country.... yes already vaccinated Americans are being allowed to fly to Hawaii or Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands.  The rules about where we can go and what we need to do to be able to travel are changing all the time.

Here in Australia we are not yet allowed to travel internationally, and currently most of the state borders are closed to each other.... but the government is making lots of promises about what we will be able to do when we reach 70% or 80% vaccinated.

In the meantime, while we wait for this never ending covid nightmare to go away..... we will all just keep dreaming.


How can I help you keep your island dreams alive?  Here are a few suggestions....


1.  FOLLOW our "Travel Destinations" board in Pinterest so that we can inspire your island dreams. So many dreamy photos from paradise.  Click here to find it.

2.  JOIN "Our Island Family" Facebook group, where you can keep in touch with your fellow "island girls" and see where they are traveling, what adventures they are having, and of course, what they are wearing.  Click here to join.

3.  MEET my friend Tessa, a real life "island girl".... Tessa is also Australian, but she fell in love with a Caribbean man 40 years ago, and moved to the British Virgin Islands.... 3 kids and 4 grandkids later, she is still there, living the island life.  Click here to read about her life under the palm trees.


Click here to download our FREE What to Pack CHECKLIST, so that you can start to think about making island travel a reality.


Keep your island dreams ALIVE friends.... its only a matter of time, and when that time arrives we will have you all geared up with the perfect island wardrobe to make sure you keep your cool, and have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE.


One Love x

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