Best Islands To Visit In Summer

Best Islands To Visit In Summer

Best Islands to visit in Summer

Are you looking for the perfect vacation to reconnect with the ocean and unwind?
Sometimes people are nervous about visiting islands in the hurricane belt during the summer hurricane season months.  Having lived in the Caribbean for 10 years, I think the hurricane season is a great time to visit, as the crowds are way less.... but for those of you preferring to avoid the the unlikely possibility of your vacation falling in the path of a hurricane, here’s a list of the best islands in the world to travel to instead.... ranging from dreamy but far away,
and some a little closer to home:


Bora Bora 

The jewel of French Polynesia, Bora Bora is a small island located in the center of the South Pacific, 50 minutes by plane from Tahiti, and encircled by one of the world's most stunning lagoons. With stylish over-water bungalows and floating villas with direct access to the sea. Its hotels provide a delightful sense of solitude, and their terraces offer breathtaking views of burning sunsets. 

Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are known for their lively party atmosphere, but they are also a popular tourist destination for their beautiful beaches, sheltered bays, coastal caves, and ancient villages. Additionally, the islands have some of the world's best museums. 

Hilton Head Island 

One of the most beautiful towns in South Carolina is Hilton Head Island, renowned for its pristine beaches and championship-grade golf courses. It is frequently voted as one of the best vacation destinations in the world. This island provides a less crowded atmosphere. 


Grand Bahama 

Grand Bahama Island is a well-rounded destination with a great mix of natural beauty and resorts vitality. Visitors can find resort hotels, a variety of restaurants, golf, duty-free shopping, and gambling. Unlike New Providence, tourist sites occupy a small part of the island, which consists of uninhabited patches of sand and forest.



Nantucket is definitely worth a visit. A quiet and relaxing island getaway with pristine dune-filled beaches, historic cedar-pebble buildings, cobbled streets, fine dining, unique boutiques and churches, and fascinating history of whaling sounds. 



If you're looking for a place to relax and enjoy some of the best diving in the world, you'll love Bonaire. This island has a temperate climate, making it perfect for year-round getaways. It's tucked away safely from Hurricane Alley, so you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about the weather.

Bald Head Island 

A trip to Baldhead Island is like no other. The island is home to a variety of unique wildlife, including salt marshes and sand dunes, lush forests, and beaches, and boasts 10,000 untouched acres of beach, marsh, and maritime forest preserves. 


Soaked in the warmth of turquoise waters and chilled by the trade winds, Aruba is a happy home with constant sunshine and powdery, soft white sands. The island has a lot of sights, natural wonders and culinary fun with friendly people who are willing to welcome you and hug you. 


World-class beaches, pristine rainforests, and bubbling volcanoes are just a few of what makes Hawaii a trendy tourist hotspot. Each Hawaiian island has its own charm, and no matter which way you look, the state is full of adventure and luxury. Beautiful white beaches, majestic mountains, steep valleys and it's vibrant city life, there is something everyone can enjoy!

Fire Island

Fire Island is known for its beautiful and clean beaches, perfect for  families and couples. It has a laid-back atmosphere that is perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. As you explore, you will come across 18 different communities.


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I think Vancouver Island could have made the top ten. It is beautiful there!

Myra Wilson

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