Christmas in the Islands

Christmas in the Islands

Christmas in the Caribbean islands holds a unique charm and vibrancy, distinct to the islands. The region's multicultural heritage infuses the festive season with a blend of customs, music, and flavors that create a distinctive Caribbean Christmas experience.  What could be better than a warm tropical Christmas, with a view to die for!



While Christmas in the north of our planet is associated with snow and cold weather, the Caribbean enjoys a warm, tropical climate during this time. Instead of snowmen and roaring fires, palm trees adorned with lights and vibrant decorations set the scene for and island Christmas.

There is nothing better than having your toes in the sand on a warm Caribbean day, while the palm trees sway overhead in the trade-wind breezes.  Music is an integral part of Caribbean Christmas festivities. The rhythmic beats of steel drums, reggae and calypso fill the air. Locals and visitors alike sway to the infectious melodies, making music an essential component of the holiday spirit.



Community plays a significant role during Caribbean Christmas. Festivities often extend to the streets with colorful parades, lively street parties, and many times Father Christmas is part of the street parade on the back of a decorated flat bed truck, waving to the children and throwing sweets in the air.  There are so many different nationalities mixed in on the islands, that celebrations are diverse and wonderful, with the expats from USA, Europe and the rest of the world getting together in their own mixture of Christmas traditions. 

Ultimately, Christmas in the Caribbean blends warm weather, diverse cultural influences, vibrant music, delectable cuisine, and a strong sense of community, creating a one-of-a-kind holiday experience cherished by locals and visitors alike.

Here is one of our Christmas's on the island of St.Maarten in the early days of West Indies Wear.  We received our biggest shipment into our home just days before Christmas, and were scrambling to ship all of our orders out to the Caribbean boutiques so that we could have our lounge room back for Christmas !

Merry Christmas Island Girls



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