Christmas list for island girls

Christmas list for island girls

Christmas looms closer and our shopping reaches a level of harried craziness.  Just shop shop shop to check those names off your Christmas list.... done. done. done.

This Christmas I was trying to create a LIST for us island girls.... something that you can just forward to your love ones to say - "well I love all of them, or I love no.2 and 3" subtle hints to ensure you get things you like.  

AND if you are not sure you will get anything you like, what I normally do is, buy a few things for myself and wrap them up.  The card reads "Dear Kim, thanks so much for everything you do.  Love Kim" and one gift a year reads "Dear Kim, thanks for all your hard work throughout the year.  Love West Indies Wear".  I know, I am a little weird.

When I emailed you guys in early November to ask for ideas for our "Christmas list for island girls" I got quite a few awesome suggestions.... so here they are.


From Nancy : I love tropical colored beaded bracelets that I can mix n match with my different outfits.

My favorites are the SIMBI BEADS from Haiti.  They are high quality, handcrafted beads in gorgeous island colors.  They started after the devastating 2010 earthquake with a mission to "create jobs, purify water, & save lives".   Each bracelet brings clean water to Haitians in desperate need and transforms the lives of those they are able to reach. AND they are adorable.... click on the photo to find them.


From Becky : Us island gals need to think about doing good for our planet while having nice things to take with us to the beaches. I suggest bracelets from 4Oceans. Each purchase funds the removal of one pound of trash from the oceans and Coastlines!  WOW Becky, YES we love anything that helps clean up our on the photo to link directly to their website.  

From Laura : My favorite things for the island vacation are: a pair of loose shorts with pockets,  an XXL Hawaiian Style Shirt -Very Colorful with Wooden Buttons and Pockets and a 100% Cotton short nighty that can be worn with shorts, as a nighty, or as a swim-suit cover-up.  Those 3 things make for a PERFECT Island Vacation.
Thanks for all your interesting stories  and pictures.  I feel like I'm back on one of my boat vacations.... how sweet.  
This is the island dress that I am wearing as a nighty this summer in Australia, and its only $40.
From MaryInsulated drink bottle?  The best of the best is a brand called Yeti. 
Mine is a seafoam green. Guarantee you will like it!
YES Mary, we do love it!  Click on the photo to link through to where you can buy it on Amazon.
From DanaSarong wrap - blue with white fronds ! 
Oh OK Dana, we have you covered there.... and they make such great gifts, as you don't have to worry about sizes, and the packaging is so cute!
From EmilyMy wish list: Stylish AND comfortable sandals for sightseeing that pair with shorts and sundresses. It seems the cute sandals hurt and the comfortable ones are frumpy.
Well you got me thinking Emily, because we have had these cute Starfish beaded sandals for the last year or so, but they we not comfortable.  So last Surf Expo trade show I went in search for some new sandals.... This is what I found....


"Summer" is the name of these sandals, and yet it is perfect for "winter" in the islands. The perfect beach sandal! When an island girl goes on vacation with limited packing space, and limited flip flop choices, she wont be sorry she chose comfortable flip flops with a sparkly sea shell accessory to take her perfectly from the beach to cocktail hour.... and there are Starfish ones too, and gorgeous colors.  Click here to see the full selection.


NOW from Mindy in Maui : (and this is an extensive list - LOVE IT)

Aloha Kim,

My Christmas wish list this year includes:

1.) Aqua color insulated water bottle. I want one that comes with a holster or waist strap to wear while going on walks by the ocean. (see above)

2.) Sleeveless cotton dresses.  I prefer a length of 38-40 inches.  Loose fitting tank or empire waist with a few gathers. (Here is the link to ours)  This is the one I am wearing today....

3.) Roomba mop.  I have the vacuum and love it for removing the sand that gets tracked in daily since we live near the beach.   (WOW I want one too! Here is the link to the one on Amazon for $245)

When traveling to other islands I like to pack;

A few coconut scented tea light candles.  I love the ones that are poured into a real coconut husk, like this one I found on amazon.

Tropical scented lotion with aloe.  

Jewelry with tropical flowers, shells and turtles. Here is a link to ours.

My favorite sun hat. I know a lot of our stores carry the line of hats from WALLAROO.  They are lovely quality.

Cool sleeveless cotton clothing in aqua and blue colors. 

White stretch denim shorts.  

Mahalo,  Mindy from Maui 


NOW a little secret from my daughter & I in Australia.  Every year we make this homemade sugar scrub for all the teacher gifts.  It's gotten to the stage now, where the dance teachers are saying "OOOHHHH thank you so much for topping me up, I love it and I ran out  months ago".  My daughter says "MUM we are famous for our sugar scrub".  Here is my daughter last month, making friends with the other models at our 2019 collection photoshoot.  

Amazing location at the Bonville International Golf Course pool.

SO the secret recipe for our homemade sugar scrub is below....

I buy the jars from my local craft store, they are preserving jars.

I fill the jar to the 3/4 full mark with white granulated sugar.  Next I put coconut oil in the microwave for 30 seconds to make it a liquid.  Next I pour the coconut oil into the jar to fill it up to the bottom of the thread of the jar.  Stir it all up to mix the 2 ingredients together.  When the air comes out of the sugar, the level goes down, so I usually top it up again with a combination of sugar and oil until I get it to the correct level.

Use it in the bath or shower, small little handfuls can be rubbed all over the body, but it feels especially good on your feet.

One love x

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Thanks for the sugar scrub recipe! Love your clothes.

Darlene McKnight

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