Clothes To Wear On A Cruise

Clothes To Wear On A Cruise

Clothes To Wear On A Cruise 

Are you stuck, wondering what clothes to wear on a cruise or island vacation?  

Meet my Island Friend Jodi, who brightened up her cruise with a blast of West Indie Wear color! Click the images below to view Jodi's cruise outfits that kept her cool and stylish in the tropical heat. 

With the help of our Island Friends on our Facebook Group, together we brainstormed outfit ideas and summer tips to ensure you relax and enjoy every minute of your vacation.  

"Definitely those sarongs...being so versatile." - Cynthia

"Skorts are ideal for shore excursions where you have to ride on a boat or other types of transportation" - Linda

"WIW tunics double as either top for capris/pants or beach cover-ups. They can easily be washed and hung up to dry for the next day." - Sherri


  Further tips on maximizing comfort on your summer vacation: 

"When I cruise, I pack clothes that are comfortable. I try to pack mix and match outfits for dinner so I don’t have to take as much. For better clothes, I use a packing envelope. They really help to prevent wrinkles." - Brenda 

"I try to pack everything in one color so that I don’t have to spend a lot of time matching. Currently, everything is blue!" - Diane  

"A hint for cruisers/fliers when you know your luggage will be out in the weather. Pick up a Dollar Store shower curtain and line the inside of your suitcase so even if it rains your belongings stay dry." - Sherri

"Things need to be easy to pack, easy to hang or fold. Always take a wrap/sweater of some sort, some venues may be chilly. Take shoes that go with everything. Don’t overpack." - Jodi



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