Eating out in the Caribbean

Eating out in the Caribbean

Eating out in the Caribbean can be an experience not unlike eating out in the US, but only if you stick to the hotel or cruise ship buffet bar.  For me the highlight of eating out in the Caribbean is more about the setting, the view,  and the smiles.

Imagine sitting on the beach, with an umbrella overhead, your toes in the sand and the occasional wave washing over your feet and cooling your ankles.  The kids are playing happily in the water nearby, leaving you and your partner the peace to actually hold a conversation.  As a mother of 3 young children, peace features strongly on my wish list.

You watch the sun set over the sea, as you sip some incredible home made rum punch, or an ice cold Caribe Beer.  The snacks are amazing, and keep you going until you lazily order your mains after dark.   

 Often these little beach restaurants have a live band playing reggae music or even pan music in the more southern islands.  

When you eat out in the Caribbean I recommend making the setting and location your number one priority.  If I think back to all of my favourites, they are all on the beach or dock just footsteps from the water, or up in the rainforest with incredible views out to sea.  

What to wear when you eat out?  This is your opportunity to wear a synthetic fabric, as the evenings are cooler.  Go for some sparkle and sequins and some glitzy sandals.  You should remember to take a cardigan because in the winter months the wind can pick up in the evenings, and if there is no breeze you should take some bug spray, although most beach bars supply it.


So make sure you adventure out of your comfort zone, and try out the beach shacks with the best views..... you won't be sorry.

One Love island friends x

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