Get Better Beautiful Piara

Get Better Beautiful Piara

This time last week our gorgeous model Piara was involved in a serious car accident, resulting in her being airlifted from the scene in an induced coma by helicopter.  

Since that time she has been fighting the fight of her life.  2 days ago we heard that she has been taken off breathing apparatus and is now breathing independently.... tiny steps.... massive steps.  Sadly she is still in a coma.


So this weeks EVENT is going to be all about Piara.  Here is the first video in my series fundraiser for Piara....


 To find out how you can get one of these items for FREE, watch this video.

So to raise some money for Piara, and you can choose from these items to add to your cart for FREE, if you spend over $100.  5% of proceeds will also go into a TRUST account as a fundraiser for Piara, when she and her family need it.  


Click here to join Our Island Family Facebook group and make your comments on this last video so that you can be entered to win one of these items.  It closes Sunday midnight NYC time.

If you are not on Facebook, and would still like to join in the fun, watch the video here on Youtube, and enter your comments below.

Never before have we offered SO MANY items in our list of FREE things, and what's amazing is that some of these items are our BEST SELLERS.  This is a one-time ONLY opportunity island friends, and I am doing this in celebration of Piara.  

Come on little lady.... you got this!

Offer will close Sunday night midnight in NYC.


The direct link to the GO FUND ME set up to help Piara is here.

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Palm Island Tunic-Aqua

I’m so sorry to hear about this young woman. My heart goes out to Piara and her family. They have been in my thoughts and prayers.

Linda L

Love the star fish pants, and yes the watches would be amazing…p.s. I LOVE my masks, i wear glasses and they are the first mask i have worn without my glasses fogging up😷😷😷😷😷…sending prayers and good vibes to Piara that she continues to improve.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Deb Kowalsky

Prayers for Piara and her family ❤


Sea Star Tunic – Blossom

Sending Piara love and best wishes to fully recover. Thank you so much for these specials/giveaways in support of her!


Prayers for Piara. I’m sorry for this tragedy , I know that everyone that worked with her and family are suffering for her ordeal . She is so young and beautiful and I hope she gets

Dana Coyle

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