How old should my models be?

How old should my models be?

I am just a little bit excited about how beautiful the photos from our recent photo shoot are.  Now I don't normally like to use 15 year old models, as you guys are not teenagers (only at heart) but I made an exception with the model below.  

This is my daughter Maya.... the one who grew up on a boat in the Caribbean until the age of 7.  I let her have the day off school to partake in the photo shoot.  Every time I saw her doing her thing with Alecia the photographer, I was grumbling at her...."Don't smile, everyone will see your braces".  Not that I have a thing about braces, kids these days don't seem to embarrassed about it like they were in my day.... I just didn't really want my clothing line represented on teenagers.  Here she is looking quite comfortable standing on the bowsprit of our friends boat.

Funny now that I get the photos back, this one below is one of my favorites! Hope you guys don't object to my use of models that you can't relate to.  The Pineapple Kimono she is wearing is still very cute.... and I will be wearing it this summer over capri pants and a tank top.

Sadly I don't have her "dancer" gorgeous body anymore.

Here is a photo below of a Facebook memory that came up for me this morning.... 11 years ago.  She was packing sarongs into the little perspex bags we used to put our sarongs into.  I remember it like it was yesterday.... she was telling me what to do !!  Some things never change !

I recently found some vintage video footage of us sailing.  Click here to watch it.

One love x


P.S.  If you didn't already see it, click here to see the behind the scenes video of our photo shoot.


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Love your island wear

Janith Vickers

What a beauty!!

Nicole Ramdeen

She is just gorgeous, Kim! It’s a family affair for you and it looks like she has been helping since she was a tot – it’s nice to see her in front of the camera. Can’t wait to see her for many years to come. You must be incredibly proud.


she is gorgeous!!! pure natural beauty!!! what great memories you have, Memories of somethings that most of us dream about. Love the yellow and new items. keep on beaching!!!!

Lisa Torbert

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