If I was stranded on a deserted island...

If I was stranded on a deserted island...

If I was stranded on a deserted island and could only take one outfit, it would be a cotton tunic and sarong combo.  There’s nothing better than living the island life being cool, comfy, and protected by the sun… Not to mention that a sarong would be SO versatile and helpful for survival.
Speaking of “deserted” islands, one of my favorite Caribbean islands that you may never have heard of is Bequia, in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. We would often sail from our home in St. Maarten down-island to Grenada during Hurricane season, to stay a little more protected from the risk of being hit by a big storm… And every year, we made sure to include Bequia on our list of stops. This tiny island is incredibly beautiful but relatively difficult to get to, and so it has remained one of the Caribbean's “best-kept secrets”. The only way to get to Bequia is to take a tiny plane or ferry from Barbados or St. Vincent… Unless, of course, you are living the sailing life and can simply drop anchor in one of its most stunning, palm tree lined bays 🌴⛵️
Back in our early sailing days, I was only just starting to dream about creating my own clothing line. Having just worked for Billabong, South Africa for many years, every item of clothing that I owned was designed “for the beach” - singlets and board shorts, rashies and viscose skirts, and thick toweling sarongs. But “for the beach” is verrrrrrry different from actually living full-time in the hot and humid Caribbean! I was constantly dripping in sweat, constantly uncomfortable, and constantly thinking: There HAS to be something better for me to wear 🤔
Of course, we all know better now...
You’ll need little more than a tunic and sarong combo (oh and your fave SPF) to enjoy all that the island of Bequia has to offer, so leave your suits and sequins at home. Bequia is one of the last remaining “old-school” Caribbean islands, and it’s as casual and beachy as they come. With such breathtaking surroundings, you are going to want to snap a tonne of selfies… Aaaaaand since sweat rolling down your face and body isn’t all that cute, you will be so glad you packed your cotton! Check out this incredible shot of "Moonhole" bay in Bequia, where a stunning holiday rental house sits perched in the stone cliff. It was designed to fit into the natural environment and built of stone throughout the home. This amazing holiday destination is totally secluded and only a short 2 minute walk to a private coral beach 🤤🏖
Hey, if you're daydreaming right now, come back to me... I see you already packing your bags 😂🧳
If we have been friends for a while, you will know that I have chatted about our Bequia adventures before! But if you're new around here, I'd love to share more... CLICK HERE to head over to the Our Island Family FB group and listen in on a short 10 minute video about my experience with this unspoiled Caribbean island 🤗☀️ *** This video is from April 2020, when I had just started our family group to try to connect more with Island Girls around the globe who were stuck in COVID lock downs. It's fun to look back on these videos (*cringe*😬😂) and see how much my confidence in front of a FB live camera has grown!! And to remember exactly why this group exists... A place for us to connect, keep each other company, and nurture our island dreams together x    
OK, island girls! Now, lets hear it... What has been your favorite “secret” island to visit? I can’t wait to hear all your recommendations  🏝 Drop them in the comments below 👇
Looking forward to chatting more this week about all this deserted islands, and tunic/sarong combos! Until our next chat, island girls... Keep on dreamin' those island dreams!
One Love,
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1987 Belize Ambergris Caye before there were streets!
Guanaja is still pretty rural island compare to Roatán and Utila
Cayo Levantado, is an island in Samaná Bay,

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